Wednesday, 16 April 2014

"You Will Have To Miss The Races"

This is one of those cases where bare faced cheek actually did NOT work.  The person who thought he would wriggle out of his charge was burglar and drug addict Barry Slaven.  This persistent offender - 68 previous offences - had burgled a house whilst its occupants were away and ransacked it for £7000 worth of goods.  He left plenty of evidence so Police were on to him very quickly.  He was arrested at his girlfriends home, where he tried to hide in a wardrobe!  Of course, Police would never think of looking in there.  At his home address, Police recovered stolen property and a burglars` toolkit.

    Slaven, from Undercliffe in Bradford, said that because his family thought he was making good progress - which is why he smashed his way into the house in order to rob it - they had booked him a holiday in the Isle of Man, to watch the TT races.  His family told the court that he was a volunteer drug worker, and had a part time job - obviously not paying enough to pay for drugs - but the Judge, Mr Jonathan Durham Hall, was not playing soft.  He rightly said that the backlash for letting a persistent offender off, from the general public and local media on him, was not worth it.  He sentenced him to three years, less time served and the discount for pleading guilty, and told him that he will have to miss the races.  Well done Mr Hall.