Sunday, 13 April 2014

Armin Miewes - The German Cannibal

Despite how long the Internet has been up and running, it still never ceases to amaze me just what sites people devise, the content and the fact that people are sucked in.  One such website was "The Cannibal Cafe" which catered for the obvious, and a German named Armin Miewes advertised for somebody he could kill and then consume!!  The twisted thing is that he got some replies from apparently willing victims, who later backed out.  But one man made it clear he was willing.  Bernd Brandes from Berlin.

    Armin Miewes was born in Essen on 1st December 1961, but not much is known about his early life.  When he had his own home, he put his advert on the Internet.  He asked for a well built man aged 18-30 to be slaughtered and eaten.  Brandes duly met up with Miewes, on March 9th 2001, who had a video camera setup to record the whole horrific event.  First thing Miewes did was - men get ready to squirm - to cut his penis off and both attempted to eat it!!!  Both could not manage it, so Miewes started a fry up with vegetables and some wine.  He had killed the Berlin Engineer by first plying him with sleeping pills and schnapps, then killed him and hung him from a meat hook, and started stripping the corpse.  To the fry up he added some body fat, but it ended burnt, so he chopped it up and fed some to his dog.

    He put much of the body parts in his freezer, and ate them over a ten month period.  His downfall came when a student saw another advert for victims and descriptions of what he had done to Brandes.  Police raided his home in December 2002 and found he still had body parts of Brandes.  The video camera was seized along with tapes.  The whole episode was on tape.  Put on trial, he was sentenced to just 8 years for manslaughter, but the prosecution appealed and a retrial was held.  This time he was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.  A psychologist believed he was capable for repeating his offence if released. In May 2006, he was sentenced.