Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Unsolved Bradford Attacks

These unsolved attacks on three women in the 1970`s are under investigation by retired cop Chris Clark, as possibly being carried out by notorious serial killer Peter Sutcliffe.  The incidents occurred between January 1976 and November 1978, right in the KNOWN timeline of attacks perpetrated by Sutcliffe.  The three women attacked luckily managed to survive, and two gave descriptions comparable to Sutcliffe.  My belief is that he is a good or prime suspect for these crimes.  Mr Clark looks at methods of attack and weapons, and obviously, victimology.  What were these attacks? 

    The first occurred in the Queensbury district in January 1976.  18 year old Rosemary Stead was making her way home from work, walking down a snicket, situated off Halifax Road.  It was there where she was bludgeoned with a blunt weapon, causing her to consciousness.  She awoke to find herself in a pool of blood, and somehow managed to make her way home.  She was rushed to hospital, but Police never traced her attacker.  I believe Sutcliffe was an opportunist attacker, and used anything to hand.  When he used his hammer and screwdriver, he was out actively hunting victims, but my opinion is he improvised when opportunities suddenly arose.  Otherwise Rosemary would certainly have gone the way of the deceased victims.  The murder of Carol Wilkinson is another example of an opportunity.

    The second attack occurred in the Listerhills area, in August 1976, where Maureen Hogan, 39, was stabbed and left in a shop doorway.  She had been out to the Europa Club and then went to the Pentagon Club.  She left the Pentagon just after 1.30am and was found slumped in a doorway at 5.40am by a milkman.  She survived her wounds, but again, the assailant was never traced.  There was no blunt force trauma, but if the wounds were knife wounds and not from possibly a screwdriver, this could rule out Sutcliffe, but then again, it could have been an improvised attack.

    The third incident was when a woman, 18, was grabbed by a man but she valiantly struggled with him and managed to find a nearby brick and threw it at him, causing him to flee.  She gave a description matching Sutcliffe.  This happened in November 1978.  Again, this would have been an opportunist attack, as he would not have grabbed her if he had his hammer.  As for the woman fighting him and then throwing a brick at him, this would I believe, match Sutcliffe, as basically, he was a coward, and probably did not expect a woman to fight him off.  I think Chris Clark is off the mark on some unsolved murders but at least he is not afraid to give his views, even if it opens a very nasty can of worms.  Keep it up Mr Clark.