Wednesday, 9 April 2014

David Hibbs-Turner - Crime Boss

Liverpool has been awash since the 60`s with names such as Roy Adams, Tommy Comerford, Charlie Siega, Terry O`Neill, Billy Grimwood, Fitzgibbons, Ungi, Palmer, Showers, Duresses, Campbells, Warren, The She Club, The Crow`s Nest, and many more.  Most of these were villains, some were real hard nut doormen, and this tradition of the city continuing to be a major underworld city, has been carried on by a man named David Hibbs-Turner.  He ran a drugs syndicate that made him and his associates very wealthy, but this ended with being convicted of ordering the murder of a rival, Michael Wright.  Along with other offences, David Hibbs-Turner received a very heavy sentence of a minimum of 37 years, with twelve other members of his criminal enterprise receiving sentences of between 8 to 15 years.

    This has been another extremely successful  operation by Merseyside Police, which ran a covert surveillance and intelligence gathering operation that ran from September 2004 to February 2007.  This came about through tip-offs from members of the community, which may be turning the tide against big time villains and their drug dealings,  As Charlie Siega once said "fear only runs so far".  The Police managed to seize over £4 million worth of narcotics, but were realistic enough to know that this was just a very small amount.  Turner and his associates acquired Vauxhall Combi Vans that had been adapted with secret compartments to bring back drugs from the European hotspots such as Spain & Amsterdam.

    Once the drugs were safely in Liverpool, addresses in exclusive areas were used to cut and dilute the drugs for passing on to the streets of the North West and beyond.  Police raided a home of Fazakarley man Hibbs-Turner and discovered over £160,000 in a closet under the stairs.  He did not bother going to court to try and get it back.  An example of how much money he was raking in, was shown by him owning other properties plus one in Marbella.  On another raid in the city centre, drugs worth an estimated £2 million were seized.  Not only that, but a machine gun fitted with a silencer was found.  Forensic tests revealed that it was allegedly used in another six shooting incidents. No doubt the vacuum created by his arrest has already been filled.