Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Murder of Bob Wignall

It beggars belief that a common thread in domestic murders, particularly in the USA, is that when one person decides that they no longer want to be with their spouse, they decide to murder them.  Why is it that they just cannot pack up and go?  What is so difficult about moving out?  Why is murder "the only option?"  Usually, a nice life insurance policy is awaiting, and these dumbos never realise that that is one area the Police will investigate.  Just over twenty years ago, there was such a scenario in the Midlands.  Sandra Wignall, had lost her second husband in 1985.  She met Bob Wignall through dog walking and they hit it off.  It was 1990.  They tied the knot on Christmas Eve 1991.  Bob suffered badly with asthma, so always needed an inhaler with him.  Yet, just NINE DAYS after the wedding, she decided she wanted out.  Apparently, her doting husband was "not exciting enough" and she started seeing an old flame called Terry Bewley.

    Bewley met her in 1989, but never gave any commitments.  He was working at that time as a chauffeur, and they used to use the back seat for liaisons.  He also had a very dark past.  In 1971, he killed credit collector Lillian Shapero in a robbery and served ten years in prison.  This was long before the courts decided to get tough with killers.  It was September 5th of the following year of their marriage that Wignall put her plan into operation.  She lured her husband into Sayes Woods in Addlestone - ironically where they met - on the pretext of seeing foxes.  She then started to give oral sex to Bob Wignall.  Then Bewley and another man, Harold Moult came up and attacked him, stabbing him to death.  The next part of the plan was to lead Police to believe he was attacked by three men but she managed to escape.  She gave very thoroughly detailed descriptions which aroused suspicion.  People then came forward to say she talked of wanting out of her marriage.

    They were arrested and Moult confessed all.  The trio were charged with murder.  Sandra Wignall, 48, received 15 years.  She was released in 2006.  Double killer Bewley, 43,  received twenty years and was released in 2012.  Moult, 42,  received ten years but he died in prison.