Monday, 7 April 2014

"You Could Not Make It Up"

Every so often you will hear something on the TV or radio that will defy belief.  This week gone, that serial killer Levi Bellfield was awarded £4,500 compensation by the authorities, because he received a smacking in prison.  No doubt the families of his victims, one of whom was young Millie Dowler, would have spat blood in disgust at this betrayal of the victims.  It is very ironical that Bellfield cried foul after being hit, despite the fact he was used his huge bulk to bully and intimidate people whilst working as a wheel clamper.  Some would say that is the typical bully.  Run and cry when somebody gives you a taste of your own medicine.

    You could not make it up when it has now come out that records were never kept about notorious child killer Ian Huntley.  He and Maxine Carr moved around frequently, because he was facing rape and sexual assault allegations.  Because the parents did not want to put their children through an ordeal of having to stand up in court and probably have their characters dragged through the mud and assassinated, no charges were proffered.  Incredibly, no records were kept, otherwise two young girls would be alive today.  The age range of his victims ran from 10 to 15.  Whilst living in Norfolk, a man stopped Huntley beating Carr, but she was angry with the man for doing so.  The reason would be because her screams alerted this man, no doubt she was going to pay for it, later, in private.  This does no hide the fact that she should have given him up, straight away.

    What about that most infamous of women killers, Hindley?  She spent a couple of decades manipulating people into believing her bollocks about not committing any murders, then admitting she did, hatching plans to get out of jail.  I find it very troubling that her supporters felt "betrayal" when she finally confessed to all the murders.  Amazing how people can be taken in by a woman who willingly lured those children to their deaths.  She had all the chances not to do it, but no, she did it.  Not, as the story goes, to please Brady, but simply because she was as twisted as him.  Brady has never made excuses for what he is, but she had.  You can look at some killer couples and see something very plain.  Brady never killed until he met her.  Rapist Paul Bernardo never killed until he met Karla Homolka.  Alvin Neeley never killed until he met his wife, Judith.  Does this say something?  Yep, it sure does.