Saturday, 12 April 2014

Kerry Lyn Dalton - Death Row Inmate

This woman has been residing on California's Death Row for nearly twenty years, convicted for her leading role in the brutal and savage murder of Irene Louise May in 1988.   Irene`s body has never been found and the prosecution relied on the evidence of a woman who was there, and whom had cut a deal to get a reduced sentence.  Also, the fact that a man, Mark Lee Thompkins, who participated and it was said, gave the final wound that ended Irene`s life, stuck his hands up to the charge.  This enabled him to avoid the death penalty.  The factor that set this episode off, was that both Dalton and Irene were meth heads; addicted to methamphetamine, a drug that turns people into the worst monsters there is.

    Irene asked to stay in the trailer Dalton lived in, and they both just drugged away.  At one point, Dalton was jailed and when she came out, it was claimed that some of her jewelry was missing and obviously Irene May has sold it for meth money.  Then it was claimed she brought her friend Thompkins and a woman, Sheryl Ann Baker, to teach her a lesson.  Irene was tied to a chair, beaten, given electric shocks, injected with battery acid, and stabbed numerous times.  Thompkins was said to have delivered the lethal stab.  Her body has never been found. It was in the early 90`s that Police searched the trailer home but found nothing.  Well, it was a few years later, and even rabid druggies can clean up a crime scene.  They had plenty of time.  Arrests were made and Baker cut a deal, telling the full horrific story.  She was found guilty of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 15 years to life.  She has a good chance of parole. Thompkins pled guilty to 1st degree murder and received 25 years to life.  He has a chance to get out.  Dalton received the Death Penalty.

    Dalton has her supporters that believe she is innocent, but Baker & Thompkins stuck their hands up to their roles in this case.  Dalton has requested letters from people whilst she awaits her execution.  You would not believe what she was convicted of if you read what she says about herself.  No mention of the rampant meth habit.  She seems a happy-go-lucky free spirit.  If you want to believe her.  Yes, a spell on Death Row certainly changes the perception of how you want people to view you.  Look at Karla Faye Tucker as an example.  No sympathy from me.