Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Monster of Worcester

This waste of humanity sadistically slaughtered three small and young children back in 1973.  Yet, this sack of shit has been applying for parole since 2009, with prison authorities saying he has accepted rehabilitation, so naturally he thinks he is good enough to be set free.  Just the sort of case to get the back up of Mary Riddel, that cow from the prison Reform Trust and all the scumbags at Liberty, the criminals friend.  The tabloid press seem to have a field day when it comes to this monster; one David McGreavy.  Sickening is not the word to describe what McGreavy did to his victims.  He was staying with people and was to look after the children one night, where he was staying but his explanation for his actions was that "The baby would not stop crying"  Well babies do cry a hell of a lot, like what this bastard would have done.  He killed a 4 year old boy, 2 year old girl and a 9 month old baby.  If that was not enough, he decapitated them and stuck their heads on railings outside the residence he was in.

    Aged around 22, McGreavy was sentenced to multiple life terms with a minimum of 20 years on each of them.  Incredibly, MCGreavy was sent to an open prison in 1994 but soon returned to a proper jail for his own safety, i.e. segregation.  Not content with being nice to him, authorities sent him out to a bail hostel in 2006, but again he had to be returned to prison.  I think that what he did to little children does upset a lot of people who might want to say, "here, have a go at me, somebody much bigger than children".  Then in 2009, this pond life applied for parole, and cited Article 2 of the Human Rights Act "A Right to Life" regarding anonymity.  Ironical that a savage child killer cites a right to life when he had no scruples of ending the rights of three little children.  Amazingly, the gagging order was granted, effectively blocking the naming of this man applying for parole.  That request was denied and has been a couple more times.  Finally, the courts saw sense and lifted the ban in 2013.

    McGreavy suffered in jail, as he should and more, but one of his hobbies now is painting.  All together now  "AAAHHH......."   Let us not forget his previous painting job.  With the blood of children!
Now the newspapers can name him and remind people of what he had done, isn't it beastly that they still refer to him as the "Monster of Worcester?"  Yeah right.  The mother of his victims stated "People need to know what he had done!"  Exactly.  The answer to this problem of McGreavy would be answered in Russia & China, with a bullet to the back of the head.