Monday, 14 April 2014

The Disappearance of Heather Danyelle Teague

This missing person case has opened up a can of worms, after a suspect took his own life when cops were going to question him.  This led to rampant speculation that this suspect was the assailant.  Why take your own life?  Was it because of guilt?  Avoiding justice?  But then a second suspect surfaced.  A man with a track record.  The girl who has vanished is Heather Danyelle Teague aged 23.  She was sunbathing on Newburgh Beach in Spottsville, Henderson County in Kentucky, on August 26th 1995 and has never been seen since.

     Heather was born on 25th April 1972, and loved going to sunbathe.  She went to Newburgh Beach, and at 12.45pm a witness saw a man approach Heather with a gun.  He was viewing this through a telescope from across the Ohio River - Was he viewing Heather? - when a bushy bearded man about 6 feet in height and 210 - 230 pounds, with no shirt on , possibly wearing a wig, a mosquito net on him and carrying a gun, grabbed Heather by the hair.  She was dragged into nearby woods.  He notified Police.  They later found part of her bathing suit near to the site of her abduction.  Six months prior, in February, Marvin Dill was stopped by Police on a traffic violation.  His red & white Ford Bronco had guns, duct tape, gloves and rope in it.  Then in August, after Heather`s disappearance, tips to cops led them to go to question Dill.  A red & white Ford Bronco was reported as being parked next to Heather`s car.  Dill heard about this, sent his wife out of the home and then shot himself.  A Grand Jury was convened to ascertain if enough evidence was there to categorically link Dill to the disappearance.  His wife refused to testify, citing the Fifth Amendment, against self-incrimination.  A very strange decision.  What could she possibly be hiding?

    Then a second suspect emerged; one Christopher Below, who was later convicted for the 1991 death of Kathern Fetzer, for 11-18 years.  He pled guilty to attempted involuntary manslaughter.  He is similar in appearance to Dill.  The witness however, was adamant in his identification of Dill as the man he observed.  Miss Fetzer has never been found.  Below is also the suspect in the disappearances of Mary Kutso, Shaylene Farrell & Kristina Porco.  Authorities have no evidence linking Below to Heather.  Point that does stand out is that Heather, Kathern, Mary, Shaylene & Kristina have never been found.  So who was responsible for the disappearance of Heather Teague?