Saturday, 26 April 2014

"Crime Has Fallen"

With the latest batch of manipulated statistics showing just how much crime has allegedly fallen in this country, anybody must think that with the guidance of Government, the efforts of Police and the courts are gradually reducing the peoples` fears.  I beg to differ.  Yesterday, on my delivery round, two of my customers, old age pensioners, had gone to the supermarket.  Upon their return home, they were confronted with their door being kicked in and their home trashed.  Sickening.  Yet, it was in a built up area, with people always around.  The problem is people "do not want to get involved" but all it takes is a call to Police.  And what if the bastards are caught?  No doubt, there will be the wanker social worker giving the same old excuses, "broken home, marginalised, no prospects, etc"  Total bullshit.  Nothing makes you do something like that.  It is simple criminality, plain and simple.  

    Another local concern this week was the problem of prostitution.  Many will have seen the TV series "Band of Gold" about some prostitutes working in the Lumb Lane area of Bradford.  The reality is that nearly all streetwalkers are not as lovely as Cathy Tyson, but it did have some good points.  The villainous pimp was Asian, a portrayal that did not go down well, locally.  The truth is, most pimps around here, are not the traditional West Indians, but Asians.  A simple fact.  The women were moved on from Lumb Lane to Thornton Road, where three were slaughtered by Stephen Griffiths, but complaints were being lodged about them moving back to Lumb Lane.  There were reports of gangs of vigilantes forcing the women to move.  Gangs of citizens fed up?  No, they were gangs of young men.  Why does it need mobs of young men?  Is it so they can act tough?  On women?  Most of these women do what they do because of one thing; drugs.  They have to get money to hand to the pushers.  Why are these heroes not out confronting the pushers, the pimps?  My belief is that one, they do not have the guts, and two, they probably look up to the pushers because they have money.  That is the big problem with prostitution.  Drugs.  Yet, we do not see the outrage about that, only the women selling themselves.  A fact to remember is that prostitution has been around for centuries in cities and towns.  In around 1870, there were nearly 170 brothels operating throughout the entire Bradford area.  This is not something new.