Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Graham Backhouse - Killer

Graham Backhouse was revealed to be a calculating killer who would even go to the lengths of attempting to murder his wife in order to clear his debts.   It was in April 1984, that 40 year old Margaret Backhouse got into her Volvo car to do some errands.  When she turned the ignition, there was an explosion that badly damaged her legs and buttock areas.  Her husband, 44 year old Graham Backhouse, claimed he was the victim of a hate campaign, and shortly afterwards, a note was found pinned to a gate with the message "You're next!"  Police immediately placed a 24 hour guard on his farm at Horton, near Chipping Sodbury.  He later requested the guard be removed after a panic button was installed at their home.

    The panic button was activated just after it was set up, with Police racing to Widdenhill Farm.  There they found a neighbour, Colyn Bedale-Taylor, lying with a fatal shotgun wound to his chest.  Clutched in his hand was a stanley knife.  Backhouse was found in another room, bleeding from wounds to his face and body.  He said that Mr Bedale-Taylor had come to his house, claiming that he was to do some repairs on some furniture.  Backhouse told him that there was no repairs necessary, and at that point, Mr Bedale attacked him, saying he was responsible for the death of his son in a car crash, a couple of years earlier.  He also allegedly told Backhouse that he planted the car bomb.  After being slashed with the knife, he escaped to grab his shotgun and had no choice but to shoot him.

    When the forensics experts arrived and went over the crime scene, Mr Bedale had blood on his hands, which would not have gotten there if he was wielding a knife.  They also determined that the slash wounds were self-inflicted.  They examined the background and finances of Backhouse and discovere he was heavily in debt.  His wife, Margaret, had a £50,000 life insurance policy in which Backhouse had doubled not so long ago.  He was arrested and charged with murdering Colyn Bedale-Taylor and the attempted murder of his wife.  He was convicted on February 19th 1985 and given two life sentences.