Sunday, 13 April 2014

Pawel Tuchlin - Gdansk Serial Killer

This man was one of the Iron Curtain serial killers we never heard about, a man who confessed to nine murders and eleven attempted murders.  Why he did these crimes is not known, but they did have a bizarre element to them.Tuchlin was born on April 28th 1946 in Mount, located at Kos'cierzyna, Poland.  His parents Bernard & Monica abused him as a child but, like Miewes, not a lot is known about his early life.  He ran away from home at 18, got married, was convicted for petty theft, got divorced, then remarried, having two children.  One thing that did emerge was that Tuchlin liked sexual exhibitionism, but again, details as to why are scarce.  His victims ages ranged from 19 to 53.

    His first attack was an attempted murder in the autumn of 1975.  He would rush up behind lone woman and strike them over the head.  Whilst they lay on the floor, he would insert a couple of fingers into the victim's genitals, and then masturbate with his other hand!  The attacks continued , with him claiming his first murder on 9th November 1979.  He carried on attacking lone women, killing and severely injuring them.  He attacked a twenty year old woman on 18th January 1983, but she survived and gave the Police their first solid clue; a sketch of him.  His last known victim he attacked on 6th May 1983.  Police closed in on him and he was arrested on 31st May.  Tuchlin confessed to all the crimes, and put on trial.  The court sentenced him to death.  His sentence was upheld by the Polish Supreme Court, and the State Court could have granted clemency but they did not.  Tuchlin was hanged at a detention Centre in Gdansk on 25th May 1987.