Saturday, 5 April 2014

Trixie Skyrme - Who?

Virtually everybody will never have heard about this adventuress, who ran amok amidst the wealthy and privileged of London high society in the 1920`s.  What was more astounding about her, was that she did not come from a society background, but from humble working class origins in deepest darkest Hereford.  She had high ambitions but knew to achieve them, you had to break away from your locality and hit the bright lights of London.  She at first hooked up with a conman named George Davis, and started small scams around the county.  They were very successful but not hitting big jackpots.  Trixie struck out on her own after Davis was jailed.  He was later stated by Scotland Yard, to be the best forger in the country.  Away from Davis, Trixie travelled to London and reinvented herself as Josephine O`Dare, the daughter of wealthy parents back in Ireland.

   Trixie, or Josephine as she was now, set her sights on defrauding anybody she could, getting comfy with rich men, who fell for her charms and refined accent.  She had left her country accent behind.  She was able to convince these men to give her whatever she wanted, whilst dangling them on a string.  It seems that she managed to achieve this, without ever lowering her panties.  A remarkable feat!  But as ever, things never carry on so blissfully.  She was arrested by Scotland Yard, and the full story hit the headlines.  She was a country girl who for a number of years, had conned high society.  She was not Miss O`Dare but Trixie Skyrme from Hereford!  She received a 5 year sentence, and was called by the judge, as being one of the most dangerous women around!  Harsh words no doubt inspired by the fact that a country girl duped the snobs and high faluting.  Much of her life is shrouded in mystery but enough details were put out through the court case, for the public to lap up.