Friday, 18 April 2014

Alun Kyte - Is He A Serial Killer?

This man was handed two life sentences at Nottingham Crown Court for two murders and a detailed examination of this man`s life has led to speculation that he may be a serial killer, with a body count comparable or higher than Sutcliffe.  This man is Alun Kyte, born on July 7th 1964 in Tittensor in Stoke-on-Trent, and grew up in the Rickerscote area of Staffordshire.  As a youngster he suffered from chronic asthma which made him a sickly child.  His mother & sisters doted on him.  As he got older, he took to travelling all over the country, staying in hostels & B&B`s.  He was to tell people that he was looking for work.  Police now believe he was searching out victims from far and wide.  As has been shown in the USA, travelling offenders are much more difficult to trace.  They believe that most of his victims were prostitutes.

    A woman named Betty Wilson was driving to work and she saw a Ford Sierra parked on the grass.  The driver was pulling a trilby down over his face, but a woman in the passenger seat, dressed in a black dress, sat staring ahead, eyes open but not moving.  She carried on her journey not knowing what to make of it.  The woman turned out to be 20 year old prostitute Sammo Paull.  She had been strangled.  She had last been seen alive in December 1993.  Then it was in March 1994, Tracy Turner was found naked, and dumped in a country lane.  She had been seen at 12.41am at the Hilton Park Service Station, on the M6, near Staffordshire.  Police were made aware of reports of a man claiming to be a reporter looking into local murders and asking if the victims used the Service Station.

    Police finally had their man in December 1997 when a woman fled from his home and after being raped and sodomised.  They grabbed him as he was leaving two hours later.  At Bristol Crown Court, he was jailed for 8 years.  A routine DNA sample flagged him up as the killer of Tracy Turner, and not long after, he was charged with the murder of Sammo Paull.  Later, a former prostitute from Balsall Heath in Birmingham, told how Kyte approached her and offered £40 for sex.  She got in his Austin Maestro and parked in an unlit carpark of Moseley Hall Hospital.  He held a knife to her throat, demanded her purse and that she strip.  She pleaded with him not to hurt her as she was three months pregnant.  For some reason, he stopped, told her to get out and threw her clothes after her.

    Police have started checking his background and whereabouts to see if he may be responsible for at least six or more other unsolved murders.  He was dubbed "The Midlands Ripper" the word "Ripper" now being generally applied to multiple killers here in the UK.