Saturday, 5 April 2014

"Oh Goody.... A new book about the Krays!"

We will never get a shortage of books about certain criminals and crimes.  The runaway winner in this category is Jack The Ripper.  But there will always be a market for books about the Krays.  This is a mainly photo book with many unseen pictures, provided by relatives and friends.  It is very pricey - photo books usually are - but , to be honest, how many people are actually interested?  Of course the fan club will be salivating and cooing over these pictures of their heroes, but there is a dearth of good true crime books for amateur buffs, like myself.  If you have to put it bluntly, most people are simply not interested in the Krays, seeing them as old hat.  They were a force to be reckoned with in London, way back then, but nowadays, it has all changed.  Teenage street gangs would not tolerate their ways, and would simply shoot them.

    Whilst their supporters club feverishly worship them, it is like no other gangs and gangsters existed in London - the Richardsons being an exception - and that they were the be-all and end-all of crime.  We know that is complete and utter rubbish.  One puzzling item is that when Fred Dineage wrote a biography of them, a man said to "run most of London's underworld" told him, "are you going to be fair to Ronnie?"  Just who is this czar of crime?  To think that Britain had it`s very own Al Capone but the general public have no idea who this king of crime is.  But to say he ran most of..... lends one to think about what the big families and mobs who have been around for a few decades, had to say about him.  Again, generalising on his comments leads to thoughts like the Arifs, Adamses et al, must have taken their orders from him.  Drug smugglers, armed robbers, fraudsters, must have chipped in to him, as he was obviously the big boss.  Would the Yardies, Albanians, Russians, et al, be kowtowing to him?  Bollocks !