Monday, 21 April 2014

Stalked - The Colleen Doran Story

Stalking is a crime that for decades has never been taken seriously by the Police or authorities.  Many states in the USA now have anti-stalking laws, but I remember the only time it was ever brought up in this country, was before the 1997 General Election.  The usual response being that as they had done nothing, there was little they could do.  A response that would undoubtedly put big grins on the faces of the civil & human rights fucknuts.  Somebody who obsessively stalks another is disturbed & DANGEROUS!  If the stalked responded with drastic measures, they will be the ones taken away by the "protectors of the public."

    Colleen Doran was born in 1964 in Virginia, and from a young age, showed talent for artwork.  After she left school, she started showing her artwork around, at exhibitions, conventions, and this brought her to the attention of DC Comics and Marvel.  At 20, she was given her own strip and gradually acquired a fanbase.  She received the usual fan mail but one stood out from a named Walter Rose, calling her his angel.  She then started receiving letters constantly from him , then packages and phone calls. Artwork depicting her as his.  Her father worked in bomb disposal so he took care of the packages, not taking any chances.  This went on for years.  Then the publishing houses she worked for started receiving calls stating that Colleen only obtained her jobs by using sex as a bargaining tool.  She had to keep reassuring editors that she did not know who he was and that it was all untrue.  Calls to cops responded with "he has not done anything so we cannot act".

    Colleen was asked by her bosses to attend comic book conventions which filled her with fear, as she had no idea what he looked like.  The first convention was in New York, so she took her closest friend with her.  A man stood in the background, staring at her.  They both knew instinctively it was him.  She described as looking like somebody who has never left the basement.  She was harassed at other conventions by different people, which she believed was orchestrated by Rose.  At a convention in Florida, she went with her mother, who checked to see if she could obtain a firearm for protection.  She could not.  But, she could buy a taser.  At the convention, he was there but with a little old looking woman.  His mother.  She thought that this was a Norman Bates situation, and did everything to keep an audience around her and them at bay.  Finally, they ran out of options and the woman went up to Colleen saying that her son would never harm her.  Her mother pointed the taser at them and told them to go.  Security saw the commotion and removed them from the building, but could not arrest them as they had not actually committed a crime.

    Later, Colleen received a phone call from one of her bosses.  It seemed that Rose was an obsessive comic collector and hoarder, with the home completely filled.  Deemed a fire hazard, it was checked out by authorities, and Rose was actually taken away and put into a psychiatric hospital.  After a decade, her ordeal was finally over, but laws need to be passed everywhere that puts a stop to these individuals.  In the end it comes down to, "If I cannot have them, then nobody will have them!"  In simple terms, they will kill the object of their obsessions.  People have to die before anything is done.  John Lennon, Ronald Reagan, Rebecca Schaeffer, Madonna, Versace and many more have been the targets of deranged people, some were killed, most not.  However, that threat is always there.