Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Murder of Sara Tokars

Sara Tokars was murdered because she "knew too much."  This concerned her husband, a leading Georgia lawyer named Fred Tokars.  He was running a thriving criminal practice, but could not keep on the right side of the law.  He was involved in racketeering, comprising of drugs, money laundering, and anything else his clients were involved in.  Despite a marriage to a beautiful wife and being a father to two young sons, he had his bits on the side.  Sara tolerated these infidelities for so long but started to feel very uneasy about her husband and the very shady people he was constantly around and socialising with.  She knew he was secreting money into foreign bank accounts, so she started copying numerous financial records and handing them to her sister, also conveying to her, the fears she was having.  She did not know about the huge life insurance policy, totalling nearly two million dollars, her husband had taken out on her.

    November 29th 1992, Sara was returning home with her sons from a Thanksgiving stay with her parents in Florida.  She was ambushed outside her Marietta home by a gunman, who forced her and her children into a van owned by Tokars.  He forced Sara to drive and about a mile away, she cold bloodedly shot her in the head with a shotgun.  In front of her children.  Police initially thought that this was a robbery that had gone wrong, but extensive investigations revealed a link between Tokars and a real estate developer named Eddie Lawrence.  This in turn, led them to Curtis Rower.  On December 23rd 1992, Lawrence & Rower were arrested by Police.  Tokars was arrested the next day.  The following year, Tokars was indicted for the murder of 39 year old Sara by a Grand Jury.  

    Eddie Lawrence decided to cut a deal with the prosecution, and in return, he received 12 & 1/2 years plus a place in the Witness Protection.  Not a bad deal, eh?  It seems that the actual gunman, Rower, did not face any charges.  Very strange.  Tokars received life without parole, and so had to be very careful in jail, as he was a former prosecutor and part time Judge.  Just the sort of people convicted felons love.  Tokars has been helping authorities put criminals and killers away whilst inside.  He says it is to leave a legacy for his sons.  He did not hesitate to have their mother murdered.  That is something they will never forget.  They witnessed it.