Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Who Murdered Eve Stratford & Lynne Weedon

Way back in the mid 70`s I remember the news headlines about the murder of a bunny girl in London.  Back then, a number of murders were real national headlines, but unfortunately today, they would only rate local coverage unless they were truly awful.  Six months later, a young girl was savagely attacked but she died a week later.  It was many years later, in 2007, that DNA technology provided evidence that both women were murdered by the same man.  As of now, the cases remain open with the wait for a match to emerge on the national database.

    Eve Stratford was born in 1953 to an English father and German mother, who moved around until they settled in Aldershot.  It was 1973 and Eve moved to Leyton with her boyfriend, then getting a job as a bunny girl at the Playboy Club in Park Lane.  She had just been photographed as the March centrefold in Playboy magazine.  On  18th March 1975, her boyfriend returned to their flat in Lyndhurst Drive, to a shocking scene.  Eve was dead, partially undressed, stocking wrapped around one ankle and her hands bound by a scarf.  Her throat had been slashed between 8 & 12 times.  Detectives traced her movements for that day, in that she visited Camden & Bayswater.  It was 4.30pm that the occupant of the flat below, heard a male & female voice, then a loud bump.  The killer was never found.

    3rd September 1975, 16 year old Lynne Weedon was taking a shortcut home when she ran into her killer.  She was raped, and then severely beaten with a blunt instrument.  She was found the next morning, miraculously still alive, but a week later, she died without regaining consciousness.  Her killer too, was never found.

    Reviews of unsolved murders take place every couple of years, and the murder of Lynne was reopened in 2004.  With the continuing advances in forensics, this is relied on heavily to hopefully provide evidence, and in 2007, an announcement was made.  The killer of Eve & Lynne was the same man.  BBC programme Crimewatch ran the story, hoping to unearth fresh leads, with an update on the cases provided by DCI Andy Mortimer.  As of now, they are still looking into both cases, hoping that a man`s DNA comes onto the database and closes the cases.  No matter how old the assailant is.

Tracy Buckland - A Victim

Here is another example of some deranged twat who simply could not let go.  Another woman dies at the hand of a man because she dared to end the relationship with HIM.  This unfortunate woman was 42 year old Tracy Buckland, who had gone to collect her two children and granddaughter from former boyfriend Darrell Bacon, in Poole, Dorset.  It was September 9th 2007. 

    Miss Buckland had placed her children in her car when Bacon called her back into his house.  It was then that he attacked with knives, causing massive injuries.  Neighbours and her children heard the screams and phoned Police.  One neighbour took the children into their house out of the way.  Officers banged on the door but Bacon would not respond, so they forced the door open, to find Bacon calmly drinking a can of beer whilst Miss Buckland lay severely wounded on the floor.  Paramedics were swiftly on the scene and tried to save her, but they had to rush her to Poole Hospital, where she later died.

    On December 20th 2007, Bacon was sentenced to a minimum of 13 years, a light sentence in my view, and did not show the slightest remorse for his brutal crime.   Detective Chief Inspector John Crossland commented that it was a callous and premeditated crime.  The Police did their job but in the end, it is in court where the justice takes place and to me, it is lacking in this case.

Mark Hampson - Death Of A Scumbag

Mark Hampson got away with murder for more than a decade, but when justice came knocking on his door, his lawyers had to resort to destroying the character of his victim.  What this shitbag had done to his victim was irrelevant.  It is time to redress the balance.  26 year old shipping clerk Geraldine Palk had been to an office party and was on her way home in Fairwater, Cardiff, and was yards from home when a deviant struck.  The following morning, a schoolboy found her body in a stream.

    Miss Palk had been raped, her throat slashed and stabbed 81 times! The killer had also caused extensive trauma to her head.   A massive hunt interviewed more than 4,700 men and DNA samples taken, but this was in the infancy of this new forensic weapon, and it was just over ten years before advances in technology drew up a profile of the killer.  This was in 2002.  At Bristol Crown Court, Hampson was convicted and sentenced to a minimum of twenty years, but the worst aspect of the case was defence lawyers trying everything to blacken the name and character of Geraldine.  Hampson had just finished four years in Dartmoor for Grievous Bodily Harm, but to defence lawyers, this, no doubt, was of no importance.  They had to destroy Geraldine.  To the lawyers; he stabbed her EIGHTY ONE TIMES.  Again, since when does a victim matter.

    The good news is that Hampson died in Wakefield Prison, otherwise known as "Monster Mansion" in 2007, due to the infamous killers it houses there like child killers Roy Whiting & Ian Huntley.  Death was due to natural causes.  He will NOT be missed.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Amato Wright - Drugged up Scumbag Murderer

There is a never ending list of murder victims, resulting from that stuff that apparently is no big deal; drugs.  One such victim was 71 year old Maria Wright, from Camden in North London, murdered by her drug-addled son Amato, 39.  Her crime?  She refused to fund his £400 a day crack cocaine habit.  That works out at nearly £3000 a week!  Would anybody in their right mind try to find a couple grand a week because of a druggie?  Poor Maria had the misfortune of having a very good bingo win, £2000 but druggie had ideas that the money was now his money for the pusher.

    This piece of shit attacked his mother and started stabbing her in the face, forcing her to tell him her pin number.  That not being enough, he then smashed her skull in with a hammer.  Then, after getting money from a cash point, the scumbag got his beloved drugs from the pusher and had a smoke-up in the same room as his murdered mother.  Police had no trouble in arresting him and charging him.  He tried to fool Psychiatrists by claiming that the drugs had driven him to kill and that he was seeing demons.  Judge Giles Forrester jailed him for a minimum of 28 years. Maria was another victim that the pro-drugs lobby will not want to acknowledge.

The Murder of Gemma Roberts

Gemma Roberts was a young lady of just 18, going about her life, but she had the horrible misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Richard Hanson, aged 21, put an end to her life for no other reason than she was there.  Hanson, from Liversedge in West Yorkshire, had been to his doctor`s with his mother, worried about his mental health.  Later, Hanson told people that he was "Going to take it out on any random person".  It was September 2006.

    Hanson attacked several teenagers in Liversedge, in which Gemma was slashed across the throat with a broken bottle.  He had been smoking Cannabis and drinking.  She died later in hospital.  At Leeds Crown Court, Hanson, who had described himself as a walking timebomb, denied murder but admitted manslaughter, but the Jury were not fooled.  He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, and Judge Peter Collier told him that he may never be released.

    Psychiatrists stated that Hanson was untreatable.  He had an IQ of 78.  So what.  He made a decision to go out and harm anybody that got in his way.  There is NO EXCUSE!  Not to worry, the apologists and bleeding hearts will be fretting over his "human rights".  What about the civil and human rights of Gemma, to go about her life without threat or assault from any scumbag?  In this world, victims are forgotten about by these do-gooders.  The families and friends of the victims have to live with the loss.  

The Murder of Anne Dunwell

This is a cold case going back to 1964 but looked as if it was going to be solved in 2005 due to advances in forensic technology, but ran into an official problem with patient privilege.  Anne Dunwell was a 13 year old girl who had left her grandparents home on 6th May 1964, in Maltby, near Rotherham, to catch a bus. She never caught it.  The following morning, her nude body was found by a labourer at 7.30am, dumped by a dung heap in Slade Hooton Lane.  She had been raped and then strangled with her own stockings.

    Police launched a manhunt and made an appeal for information about a rusty brown coloured van that had been converted into a mobile store, seen near the Ball Inn on the day of the murder, but the case ran cold for four decades.  It was in November 2002 that a review of unsolved murders, led to a re-examination of items found at the murder scene.  The stockings used to strangle the poor girl, fibres, and her underwear, which had traces on them.  Tests revealed that the assailant had probably had Gonorrhoea.  However, patient confidentiality on sexually transmitted diseases stopped Police learning which local men had treatment for the disease.

    Another appeal brought forward another suspect, a Scotsman named Pete, who was in the Ball Inn drinking Brandy alone.  He was well groomed and smoked Craven cigarettes.  He was a stranger in the village.   Enquiries by Police narrowed the suspects down to two men.  Both were sex offenders, and one had been convicted of murder, but the rules of privilege have prevented Police bringing a possible end to this case.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Colin Stagg - An Innocent Man

The story of Colin Stagg will run for generations as an example of British Police tunnel vision and the desire to put somebody away for a notorious crime.  What the most sickening part of this tale is the refusal of the two main protagonists, profiler Paul Britton and cop Keith Pedder, to stand up and publicly admit they got it wrong.  Horribly wrong.  What did emerge was that Police found the murder weapon used on Rachel Nickell, a blood stained knife, on Wimbledon Common. The problem was it did not have the fingerprints of Colin Stagg on it.  The prints on it belonged to Robert Napper, the actual killer.

    The murder of Miss Nickell on Wimbledon Common in 1992, was an horrific event that set off a massive manhunt.  One name that came up was that of Stagg, who had been on the Common that day.  Stagg, a loner, was thought to have been a "bit of a strange one", the label attached to people who do not fit the stereotype of "a good person".  Also, Stagg followed the Wicca religion, which was made into a big thing by the Police and media.  What a load of bollocks!  Some members of my family follow Wicca to a degree and it is no different from any other religion people follow.  You just do not stand in church praying to a cross.....

    Now, as Stagg was a loner, and followed a religion frowned upon by mainstream religions, and it also conjures up images of sacrifices, surely Stagg was the killer!  And he had been near the scene that day.  Clear cut.  But as there was no evidence linking him to the crime, it was decided to use a sting to "get the proof".  An undercover officer referred to as "Lizzie James" wrote to Stagg, hoping to befriend him.  Actually, a neighbour who Stagg got on with, read the letter and told him she thought it was a Police set-up....  But a sexually and socially inexperienced person can make whopping errors of judgement, and say anything to keep the writer interested in them.  James started writing explicit letters, so Stagg responded.  He did not start this.  She did.  Then a meeting in a park, full of cops, making any danger to her a joke, led her to talking about the murder and how it excited her why a person could do it.  Stagg denied any knowledge of it.  Over time, she kept pressing but he kept saying he knew nothing.   Eventually, she said that it was over if he did not say he did it.  He was being pushed to say "I did it" in return for the possibility of sex.  There is a phrase for this; blatant entrapment.

   Stagg was arrested by Pedders` team and charged with murder, spending 14 months on remand.  However, the train derailed when the Judge, displaying common sense, threw it out, calling it "Entrapment of the most reprehensible kind".  The parents of Rachel read a statement saying that the Police were not looking for anybody else.  This spelled out that that stupid Judge had let a sick killer go free.  Scotland Yard Commander John Shatford has publicly stated that he was astonished at that statement and the clear implications.  Stagg suffered years of trial by the media, unaware that Police had fingerprints on the murder weapon.  Those of somebody else.

    Years later, it emerged that sloppy work by Police had allowed Robert Napper to roam free, and if they had done what they were supposed to have done, Rachel, plus Samantha Bisset and her child would be alive today.  Real detective work by DCS Micky Banks led to the arrest of Napper, convinced he was the Chain Gate rapist and the killer of Samantha & her child, and the killer of Rachel.  He asked Paul Britton if he thought they were the work of the same person.  Britton gave an answer that ultimately was an Oldfield-style error of judgement.  Three different assailants.  The Nickell team would not have it that the killer had murdered Rachel because they had their man banged up!   Britton said that the frenzy of attack on Samantha, in her home, was more than the attack on Rachel, in the open, and therefore, different people.  What about the last murder by Jack the Ripper, Mary Kelly, done in a house?  A big amnesia attack , eh?  I am no psychologist but that was the first thing that I thought of, as a comparison.  Surely this man must have heard of these murders way back in 1888!  After the debacle of the trial, both sides blamed each other.  FBI profiler Robert Ressler said they developed tunnel vision, the profile becoming the evidence.  And did not Stagg constantly deny being the killer, even when James was pushing him to say yes, under the threat of leaving him? 

    Robert Napper was convicted of the murders and Colin Stagg was exonerated, once and for all.  I do not know if a number of tabloid newspapers ever apologised for their attacks on him, but Britton and Pedder have kept a thundering silence.  If you are wrong then be a fucking man and stand up, and admit your errors.  Colin Stagg deserves that.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Graham Buck, Peter Halls & Len Delgatty - Victims Of a Scumbag

A big problem we have in this country and that is the total lack of guts and backbone when it comes to dealing with heinous criminals.  A good example is that of a scumbag called Ian John McLoughlin, a 55 year old TRIPLE KILLER.  The Judge was unable to pass a whole life sentence on McLoughlin due to those interfering bastards in Strasbourg, who are only interested in helping scumbags.  The victims do not matter.  These bastards are nothing to do with this country, they are not elected by us, yet, Governments turn into spineless cowards when it comes to standing up to them.  Yet another person worthy of a bag over the head and a rope around it, is given a chance to go out and kill again.  You can argue that the 40 year term given, and scumbag is 55, then he will die in jail.  I am not a pro-hanging fanatic, I believe that a minority can never be rehabilitated, they will never change, and that multiple murders deserve the ultimate punishment.

   Off the soapbox, McLoughlin killed 49 year old Len Delgatty in 1984, beating him to death with a hammer.  He received ten years for manslaughter.  Yet in 1992, he was out and stabbed to death Brighton barman Peter Halls.  Despite committing two killings, McLoughlin was considered fit for day release and in true fashion, went out to rob.  He tricked his way into the home of 86 year old Francis Cory-Wright in the village of Little Gaddesden, and demanded money and the pin number to his bank card.  Mr Wright shouted for help, which alerted neighbour Graham Buck, 66, who was stabbed in the neck by McLoughlin.  Mr Buck died.  

    No doubt Mary Riddel will think that McLoughlin should be shown compassion, yet incredibly, this piece of shit killed three people, one by hammer, two by knife.  A very, very, dirty trail, eh Mary.  Why show mercy for this shitbag, he showed none.  Should have taken him out and put a bullet in his head.

Caryl Chessman - The Red Light Bandit

This case from the late 1940`s was a worldwide "Cause Celebre" in which a habitual criminal named Caryl Chessman was sentenced to death, not for murder but for kidnapping.  The ruckus blew up through the application of a law drafted in California after the kidnapping and murder of the baby of aviation hero, Charles Lindbergh.  Chessman allegedly "kidnapped" two women victims; he dragged them to his car to force them to perform oral sex n him.  This forcible removal of them from their cars, constituted "kidnapping".  So what are the facts?

    Caryl Wittier Chessman was born in St Joseph in Michigan on 27th May 1921, and spent most of his adult life in prison.  He had not long released from a California jail, when he was arrested in Los Angeles, and charged with being "The Red Light Bandit", in which a car would follow  another car, start flashing a red light as if it was a Police car, pull over the car, and rob the occupants. On two occasions, one young girl, 17 year old Mary Alice Meza, was dragged from her car, to the other and forced to perform oral sex on the bandit.  It has been said that the ordeal left her with mental trauma for the rest of her life, she passing away in 2010.  Another woman, Regina Johnson aged 22, was dragged from her car to the bandit`s.

    In July 1948, Chessman faced 17 charges of robbery, rape and kidnapping.  Against strong advice, Chessman elected to defend himself, a decision that may have alienated the jury, along with numerous claims he made;  He was the victim of mistaken identification, he was being framed by cops, he knew who the real bandit was but would not name him, and that his confession had been beaten out of him.  The jury, however, did not buy any of it and convicted him.  He was sentenced to death.  He lasted twelve years on Death Row, the longest ever, back then, and had eight stays of execution.  He wrote four books whilst incarcerated, 3 non-fiction(about his case) and one fiction.  His time ran out on May 2nd 1960, with his execution in the Gas Chamber.  He was being gassed when a call came through granting another stay.  The Warden responded with "The pills have just been dropped" - the cyanide pills had been dropped into the solution that produces lethal gas.

    Chessman wrote Cell 2455 Death Row, Trial by Ordeal, The Face of Justice, and fictional The Kid Was A Killer.  Many believed he was innocent of the crimes, saying that they became convinced after face to face meetings.  But habitual criminals are pathological liars, and  many can bullshit until the cows come home.  As for being framed and beaten, that is very believable, as the LA cops were not all saints.  But as for mistaken identification, to me that does not stand up.  Why?  Simple.  Chessman was ugly and had a distinctive nose, and it would have been a problem to get a number of like people to stand in an ID parade.  If the two victims were adamant in picking Chessman, and not prompted by cops, then the case is clear cut.  He was guilty but the real bone of contention was the punishment.  Judging by some research I did, it appears that the arguments were about the sentence and not about guilt or innocence.   Everybody will have an opinion.  I would be happy to hear yours.

Monday, 4 November 2013

The Murder of Angela Wolliscroft

This is one case in which the killer did not get away with it, brought to justice by diligent Police work.  What remains a mystery is why the killer had to shoot a totally non threatening young woman.   The victim was 20 year old Angela Wolliscroft, a teller at Barclays Bank on Upper Ham Road, near Richmond in Surrey.  The tragic events began on 10th November 1975 when a dark skinned man walked in carrying a yellow raincoat and wearing dark glasses.  Concealed inside the raincoat was a double barreled sawn off shotgun.  He pointed the gun at Miss Wolliscroft and demanded money.  She complied and handed over money, but suddenly the gun went off, shattering the safety screen and severely wounding her.  The gunman then made his escape.  Miss Wolliscroft died on the way to hospital.  This was now murder.

     The raincoat had been dropped and when examined, a piece of paper was found inside one of the pockets.  It was an entry form for a wine making competition with "Grahame" written on it, and the form was traced to a Miss Marshall.  The man leading the hunt, Jim Sewell, sent men to question Miss Marshall.  They were told that she had parked her car, an Austin A40, at Bentall`s in Kingston, Surrey, and when she returned to it, she realised it had been moved and a yellow raincoat and sunglasses were missing.  The car matched the description of the car seen with the robber inside.

    Jim Sewell received a tip off saying that the gunman was a violent criminal named Michael Hart, and that he was seen in Basingstoke putting a shotgun into a car.  When he was questioned, he gave an alibi that was verified. Things began to slowly unravel when Hart was involved in an incident that gave police the opportunity to search his home.  This was three weeks after the murder of Miss Wolliscroft.  They discovered a .22 Hendal Automatic and some Eley No 7 shotgun cartridges, used for trapshooting.  These were different from the cartridge that killed Angela.  That was a gameshot cartridge.  The cartridges were checked carefully and discovered to be gameshot.  So men were sent to the manufacturers in Birmingham, to which they were told that a small batch had been wrongly labelled.  These had been sent to a gunsmith in Reading, which had been robbed on 4th November.  The automatic handgun had been stolen from there, along with shotgun shells., and a double barreled Reilly shotgun

    On 20th January 1977, Hart was arrested and charged with murder.  He claimed that the gun had gone off accidentally.  He told Police where he had thrown it into the River Thames, where a diver recovered it.  It was tested for pull pressure, which showed it needed a great deal of pressure to fire it.  It also contained two shells, one used, one not.  Both were incorrectly labelled for trapshooting, being gameshot.  Later on in the year, on 3rd November 1977, Hart was sentenced to a minimum of twenty five years in prison, being released in November 2002.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Murder of Stephen Jennings

This was a missing child case that occurred in 1962 but was not solved until a curious dog unearthed remains in 1988.  Stephen Jennings was just three years old when his father reported him missing in the West Yorkshire village of Gomersal, a few miles outside of Bradford.  A very intensive search was made by Police and volunteers, including the father, William Jennings.  The toddler was never found.  Just over twenty five years later,  Malcolm Burton was out walking with his little terrier dog by a small wooded spot when the dog started digging in earnest.  Mr Burton went to see what his dog had gotten excited about, he moved small rocks and bracken, and thought it was a dolls head at first, then realised to his horror, it was a small skull.

    Police were quickly on the scene, and a forensic team carefully removed stones, bracken and soil, to reveal a child`s skeleton.  It was quickly established that this was the missing toddler, Stephen Jennings.  The history of the family then came to light.  The Jennings` had three children and all were abused by their father, regularly.  After Stephen went missing, the abuse continued, resulting in both parents being jailed for eighteen months.  After they emerged from jail, the wife divorced her husband, with him moving to the Midlands.

    Police travelled to the Midlands to see William Jennings and the detective in charge, had been a young Constable involved in the initial search for Stephen.  They decided to try a strategy in order to get him to confess.  Rather than confront him and have him clam up or a Solicitor to advise him to say nothing, they decided to say nothing and let his mind take over.  As they got closer and closer to Gomersal, he decided to start talking, eventually admitting it.  They made notes as to what he said, had him check what they had written and he signed it.  He appeared in court in 1989, claiming that he snapped when Stephen soiled his bed but this was rejected by the Prosecution and the Jury and he was sentenced to life.  It took twenty five years but thank god for the curiosity of a dog.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Murder of Paul Savage

Ten years on, this brutal murder remains unsolved, despite reinvestigations by North Wales Police over the years, and the arrest in 2005 of nearly a dozen people.  The victim was Postman Paul Savage, a 30 year old man with a family, who was beaten to death by two assailants whilst he was out doing his deliveries.  He was attacked in Clayton Road in Mold on 4th February 2003.  He was found on the driveway of Flintshire councillor, Ray Dodd, lying in a pool of blood.  He had massive injuries to his head, which saw him rushed to the Wrexham Maelor Hospital, but he died shortly afterwards.

    Mr Savage was originally from Sale near Manchester and had recently moved with his family to North Wales.  Police aid that they knew the motive for the attack but would not elaborate any further.  Later, a rumour spread that it was drugs related.  There has been no charges over the crime, despite case reviews.  In 2005, eleven people from North Wales and Cheshire were arrested in connection to a review of the case.  The arrests were in connection to drug trafficking, Grievous Bodily Harm and burglary.  A young man originally from North Wales, was arrested in Maastricht, in Holland.  Another review in 2010 resulted in searches of fields close to the murder scene, with items discovered being subjected to forensic testing.  This, however, did not bring any charges, and his family hope that one day the killers will be brought to justice.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Colin Ireland - The Gay Slayer

This serial killer became one simply because he wanted to.  The victims he chose were gay men that he picked up in gay bars, robbed them and then strangled them.  But because he was not getting the publicity he craved, he took to phoning the Police.  Five men were murdered simply for fame.  This is how low society has sunk.  Ireland was born on 16th March 1954, and had not come on the Police radar, and was living in Southend when he decided to launch his quest for "fame".  Ireland started frequenting a gay pub, The Coleherne, in West London.  Some of the patrons used colour coded handkerchiefs, indicating their sexual preferences, which included S&M.  Ireland had been married but it did not last.  

    Ireland was ready to begin his quest for "fame", and had his murder kit, comprising of rope & handcuffs, plus a change of clothes for each murder.  His first victim was Peter Walker, aged 45, a choreographer.  He was suffocated.  Ireland then cleaned up the flat to remove any forensic evidence, put a condom in the victim`s mouth, then left in the morning, so as not to be seen leaving in the night.  He saw nothing in the newspapers about it, so he called the Samaritans and then The Sun newspaper telling what he had done.   Next, was Christopher Dunn, a 37 year old Librarian.  They went to his flat in Wealdstone.  When his body was found, it was initially believed to have been an auto-erotic game gone wrong.  There was no connection to the murder of Peter Walker.  Perry Bradley 111 was victim number 3.  He was a 35 year old businessman who lived in Kensington that Ireland picked up in the Coleherne.  He was not keen on the suggestion of bondage but Ireland told him he could not perform without some S&M.  He bound Bradley and put a noose around his neck, then demanded his pin number.  He assured Bradley that he only wanted money, so he got the pin and withdrew money at a cashpoint.  He told Bradley to go to sleep, and that he would leave in the morning.  He realised that Bradley could identify him so he was strangled.

     There was still no big headlines about the murders so he committed his fourth, just three days later.  Andrew Collier was a Housing Officer from Dalston.  He went to Collier`s flat with him, but a disturbance outside brought them to the window.  He touched a bar across the window, which would give Police conclusive proof that he had been there.  He tied up his victim and demanded money.  Collier was not responsive enough so Ireland killed his cat in front of him.  Then he strangled Collier, and did something bizarre.  He put a condom on his victim, and put his penis in the cat`s mouth, whilst positioning the cat, and putting the tail into the victim`s mouth.  He also put a condom in the mouth, linking it to the Walker murder.

    Victim No 5 was chef Emanuel Spiteri, 41.  He was found bound and strangled in his home at Hither Green, which had been set alight.  Police received a call from Ireland about the murder.  But unknown to Ireland, he had been caught on cctv at Charing Cross Station with his victim.  The footage was broadcast and Ireland recognised himself.  He went to Police saying that it was him but he was no killer.  But fingerprints had been found in Collier`s flat, and faced with evidence against him, he confessed.  His confession was very much matter-of-fact, and he did not care about the victims. It was no big deal to him.  He was given a whole life sentence for the five murders and was convicted in December 1993.  He died in prison on 21st February 2012.