Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tracy Buckland - A Victim

Here is another example of some deranged twat who simply could not let go.  Another woman dies at the hand of a man because she dared to end the relationship with HIM.  This unfortunate woman was 42 year old Tracy Buckland, who had gone to collect her two children and granddaughter from former boyfriend Darrell Bacon, in Poole, Dorset.  It was September 9th 2007. 

    Miss Buckland had placed her children in her car when Bacon called her back into his house.  It was then that he attacked with knives, causing massive injuries.  Neighbours and her children heard the screams and phoned Police.  One neighbour took the children into their house out of the way.  Officers banged on the door but Bacon would not respond, so they forced the door open, to find Bacon calmly drinking a can of beer whilst Miss Buckland lay severely wounded on the floor.  Paramedics were swiftly on the scene and tried to save her, but they had to rush her to Poole Hospital, where she later died.

    On December 20th 2007, Bacon was sentenced to a minimum of 13 years, a light sentence in my view, and did not show the slightest remorse for his brutal crime.   Detective Chief Inspector John Crossland commented that it was a callous and premeditated crime.  The Police did their job but in the end, it is in court where the justice takes place and to me, it is lacking in this case.