Friday, 1 November 2013

Colin Ireland - The Gay Slayer

This serial killer became one simply because he wanted to.  The victims he chose were gay men that he picked up in gay bars, robbed them and then strangled them.  But because he was not getting the publicity he craved, he took to phoning the Police.  Five men were murdered simply for fame.  This is how low society has sunk.  Ireland was born on 16th March 1954, and had not come on the Police radar, and was living in Southend when he decided to launch his quest for "fame".  Ireland started frequenting a gay pub, The Coleherne, in West London.  Some of the patrons used colour coded handkerchiefs, indicating their sexual preferences, which included S&M.  Ireland had been married but it did not last.  

    Ireland was ready to begin his quest for "fame", and had his murder kit, comprising of rope & handcuffs, plus a change of clothes for each murder.  His first victim was Peter Walker, aged 45, a choreographer.  He was suffocated.  Ireland then cleaned up the flat to remove any forensic evidence, put a condom in the victim`s mouth, then left in the morning, so as not to be seen leaving in the night.  He saw nothing in the newspapers about it, so he called the Samaritans and then The Sun newspaper telling what he had done.   Next, was Christopher Dunn, a 37 year old Librarian.  They went to his flat in Wealdstone.  When his body was found, it was initially believed to have been an auto-erotic game gone wrong.  There was no connection to the murder of Peter Walker.  Perry Bradley 111 was victim number 3.  He was a 35 year old businessman who lived in Kensington that Ireland picked up in the Coleherne.  He was not keen on the suggestion of bondage but Ireland told him he could not perform without some S&M.  He bound Bradley and put a noose around his neck, then demanded his pin number.  He assured Bradley that he only wanted money, so he got the pin and withdrew money at a cashpoint.  He told Bradley to go to sleep, and that he would leave in the morning.  He realised that Bradley could identify him so he was strangled.

     There was still no big headlines about the murders so he committed his fourth, just three days later.  Andrew Collier was a Housing Officer from Dalston.  He went to Collier`s flat with him, but a disturbance outside brought them to the window.  He touched a bar across the window, which would give Police conclusive proof that he had been there.  He tied up his victim and demanded money.  Collier was not responsive enough so Ireland killed his cat in front of him.  Then he strangled Collier, and did something bizarre.  He put a condom on his victim, and put his penis in the cat`s mouth, whilst positioning the cat, and putting the tail into the victim`s mouth.  He also put a condom in the mouth, linking it to the Walker murder.

    Victim No 5 was chef Emanuel Spiteri, 41.  He was found bound and strangled in his home at Hither Green, which had been set alight.  Police received a call from Ireland about the murder.  But unknown to Ireland, he had been caught on cctv at Charing Cross Station with his victim.  The footage was broadcast and Ireland recognised himself.  He went to Police saying that it was him but he was no killer.  But fingerprints had been found in Collier`s flat, and faced with evidence against him, he confessed.  His confession was very much matter-of-fact, and he did not care about the victims. It was no big deal to him.  He was given a whole life sentence for the five murders and was convicted in December 1993.  He died in prison on 21st February 2012.