Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Murder of Gemma Roberts

Gemma Roberts was a young lady of just 18, going about her life, but she had the horrible misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Richard Hanson, aged 21, put an end to her life for no other reason than she was there.  Hanson, from Liversedge in West Yorkshire, had been to his doctor`s with his mother, worried about his mental health.  Later, Hanson told people that he was "Going to take it out on any random person".  It was September 2006.

    Hanson attacked several teenagers in Liversedge, in which Gemma was slashed across the throat with a broken bottle.  He had been smoking Cannabis and drinking.  She died later in hospital.  At Leeds Crown Court, Hanson, who had described himself as a walking timebomb, denied murder but admitted manslaughter, but the Jury were not fooled.  He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, and Judge Peter Collier told him that he may never be released.

    Psychiatrists stated that Hanson was untreatable.  He had an IQ of 78.  So what.  He made a decision to go out and harm anybody that got in his way.  There is NO EXCUSE!  Not to worry, the apologists and bleeding hearts will be fretting over his "human rights".  What about the civil and human rights of Gemma, to go about her life without threat or assault from any scumbag?  In this world, victims are forgotten about by these do-gooders.  The families and friends of the victims have to live with the loss.