Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Mark Hampson - Death Of A Scumbag

Mark Hampson got away with murder for more than a decade, but when justice came knocking on his door, his lawyers had to resort to destroying the character of his victim.  What this shitbag had done to his victim was irrelevant.  It is time to redress the balance.  26 year old shipping clerk Geraldine Palk had been to an office party and was on her way home in Fairwater, Cardiff, and was yards from home when a deviant struck.  The following morning, a schoolboy found her body in a stream.

    Miss Palk had been raped, her throat slashed and stabbed 81 times! The killer had also caused extensive trauma to her head.   A massive hunt interviewed more than 4,700 men and DNA samples taken, but this was in the infancy of this new forensic weapon, and it was just over ten years before advances in technology drew up a profile of the killer.  This was in 2002.  At Bristol Crown Court, Hampson was convicted and sentenced to a minimum of twenty years, but the worst aspect of the case was defence lawyers trying everything to blacken the name and character of Geraldine.  Hampson had just finished four years in Dartmoor for Grievous Bodily Harm, but to defence lawyers, this, no doubt, was of no importance.  They had to destroy Geraldine.  To the lawyers; he stabbed her EIGHTY ONE TIMES.  Again, since when does a victim matter.

    The good news is that Hampson died in Wakefield Prison, otherwise known as "Monster Mansion" in 2007, due to the infamous killers it houses there like child killers Roy Whiting & Ian Huntley.  Death was due to natural causes.  He will NOT be missed.