Sunday, 10 November 2013

Amato Wright - Drugged up Scumbag Murderer

There is a never ending list of murder victims, resulting from that stuff that apparently is no big deal; drugs.  One such victim was 71 year old Maria Wright, from Camden in North London, murdered by her drug-addled son Amato, 39.  Her crime?  She refused to fund his £400 a day crack cocaine habit.  That works out at nearly £3000 a week!  Would anybody in their right mind try to find a couple grand a week because of a druggie?  Poor Maria had the misfortune of having a very good bingo win, £2000 but druggie had ideas that the money was now his money for the pusher.

    This piece of shit attacked his mother and started stabbing her in the face, forcing her to tell him her pin number.  That not being enough, he then smashed her skull in with a hammer.  Then, after getting money from a cash point, the scumbag got his beloved drugs from the pusher and had a smoke-up in the same room as his murdered mother.  Police had no trouble in arresting him and charging him.  He tried to fool Psychiatrists by claiming that the drugs had driven him to kill and that he was seeing demons.  Judge Giles Forrester jailed him for a minimum of 28 years. Maria was another victim that the pro-drugs lobby will not want to acknowledge.