Sunday, 31 August 2014

Kenneth Noye - Double Killer

Kenneth James Noye was a high level criminal who played both sides of the law, was involved in the deaths of two men, and is currently incarcerated in jail.  What truly brought him down was the killing of 21 year old Steve Cameron on a slip road of the M25, after a road rage incident.  Born in Bexleyheath on May 24th 1947, he was apparently the apple of his mothers` eye, but his criminality started at a very young age, 5, when he was caught going through a till at a Woolworths store.  At school, he was a nasty and violent bully, graduating to extorting dinner money from other pupils.  One former acquaintance at school described him as "vile."  It is common for children who are indulged and are excused their actions because parents put up blinkers - the Krays are a perfect example of this - and these kids grow up to be violent, some kill, and they do what they do because mummy & daddy, mummy in particular, will mollycoddle them, saying that really they are wonderful children!

    After leaving school, his penchant for criminality was still there and was involved in stealing bicycles and altering their appearance. This is known as "ringing."  It earned him a stay in Borstal but it was through this that he caught the eye of a legal secretary, whom he later married.  Noye now getting older, in order to further himself, became an informer, grassing up rivals to the Flying Squad.  He became a Freemason when he was proposed by two men - both cops!  He gradually rose to become master of his lodge.  This position of power was very useful to him as members would be expected to let the boss know if anything concerning him was being planned.  Freemasonry is rife in the Police, and it is never revealed how many cops openly associate with known criminals.  There is no doubt in my mind that a brother Mason, especially a Master, comes way before being a cop or the suffering of a victim.

    He started up a haulage firm, but was never far from crime.  He was involved in smelting the huge gold haul that was robbed from Brink`s Mat in November 1983.  Police mounted a covert surveillance on Noye at his home, which went horribly wrong.  DC John Fordham, dressed completely in black, was confronted by Noye after lots of barking from his dogs.  DC Fordham was stabbed nearly a dozen times.  This willingness to freely use a knife would re-emerge 12 years later.  Put on trial for murder, Noye was acquitted on the grounds of self defence, despite the numerous wounds and that a number were allegedly in the back of the officer.  No amount of friends at the Lodge would protect him from now on.  He was jailed for his part in the handling of the gold and VAT fraud, earning him a lengthy sentence.  Another defendant, John "Goldfinger" Palmer, a timeshare seller, was acquitted.  Palmer would later come back into the Noye saga.

    Noye was released from prison in 1994, and whilst inside, he had a confiscation order made against him for £3,000,000, by loss adjusters for Brinks Mat.  A scandal blew up over the South East Regional Crime Squad, and one officer, John Donald, was jailed for 11 years for corruption.  He was feeding information to Noye.  Then on May 19th 1996, a road rage incident on a slip road to the M25, a young man named Stephen Cameron was stabbed to death by another motorist.  Noye then disappeared.  He was allegedly helped by Palmer to escape abroad.  Then newspapers broke a story that Police were hunting for Noye.  Many months passed before a tip came in that Noye was in a particular part of Spain.  Two officers went incognito, as there was no official warning to Spanish Police about them going there.  They did identify that it was Noye.  Arrangements were made to fly Danielle Cable, Stephen`s girlfriend and witness to the killing, to Spain, where she positively identified him.  Noye was arrested and later extradited.  He stood trial and was convicted of murder.  Danielle stood up in court and testified as to what happened.  She has been given a new identity and protection.  Noye has alleged to have put out a £300,000 contract on her and offered up to £5,000,000 to other criminals if they could spring him from jail.  Despite his enormous wealth, he was incredibly granted Legal Aid for his trial and appeal, which resulted in the dismissal of one man and the severe reprimand for another, involved in the Legal Aid process.

    Yet again, a point raises it`s ugly head over the role of informers.  If they are so despised by the Underworld, why was Noye allowed to get away with it for so long?  I think the truth is, as long as individual villains are not dropped in it by the informer, then they do not bother them.  Many major villains co-operate with Police, as it is always to their agenda.  People can get away with every type of crime, yet it seems not to bother villains as to why.  I think that all this guff about "grasses being hated" is just a smokescreen perpetuated by leading villains, as they themselves are not adverse to helping cops get a nuisance out of the way.  Plus, it avoids un-necessary publicity and cops focusing more clearly on events.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Irene Schroeder - "Iron Irene"

The history of crime in the USA in the 1930`s is riddled with the gangsters who roamed outside of the big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and created newspaper headlines that rivalled anything of those from the crime syndicates.  Dillinger, Barrow, Floyd, Barker, are amongst the most well known, but a couple of women did emerge.  Of course, the most well known are Bonnie Parker & Barbara "Bloody Babs" Graham.  But how many have heard of Irene Shroeder, a woman who met her end in the hot seat of Pennsylvania`s Rockview Penitentiary.  She was given numerous nicknames by the press; "Iron Irene" "The Trigger Woman" were the most commonly referred to.

    Life began for Irene Crawford on February 17th 1909 in Benwood, West Virginia, and by the time she had reached 16, she was married to Homer Schrader, but had given herself freely to any man she had a liking for.  She was already bored with being married, a after giving birth to a son, Don, she left Schrader and started working as a waitress in Wheeling, West Virginia.  It was whilst she was waitressing, that she met a man she had an instant liking for; Walter Glenn Dague, a married man with children, whom had been a Sunday school teacher and had been involved with the scouts.  Dague soon lost his jobs, and his family after it became known he was sharing Irene`s bed.  An idea was hit upon to start robbing stores around the country, and despite the initial reservations by her lover, Irene was able to bend him to her will.  She brought in her brother Tom Crawford and set off in 1929 on their crime spree.  A spree that was to leave one cop dead and three wounded.

    They carried out numerous store hold ups but one day they were stopped at a roadblock by officers Brady Paul and Ernie Moore.  Crawford drew a gun on Paul, then Irene leant out of the window and shot the officer dead.  Then she shot Officer Moore, but he was to survive.  They escaped, and newspapers came up with names to call this most definitely "Femme Fatale".   Tom Crawford now had dropped out of sight.  There was a rumour that he had been killed in a shootout in Texas, but this was never proven.  Irene replaced her brother with a newly released armed robber named Tom Wells.  Irene had her young son in the car when the shootings took place and the words of her own son were to help convict her.  She left him with a family member and soon he was being spoken to by Police.  The words of a little boy were devastating in court. "I saw mama shoot a cop.  Uncle Tom shot another one in the head.  He shot right through the windscreen."

    Irene had now slightly changed her surname from Schrader to Schroeder, in order to throw cops off her trail.  The end came when she was stopped in an Arizona street by a cop who found himself staring down the barrel of a gun and told to get in the car.  They were stopped at a roadblock, where two cops were wounded by gunfire from the car.  As it sped off, the officer being held hostage, was thrown out.  The fugitives headed for the hills where they had another shootout, but seeing the overwhelming odds they faced, she surrendered.  Both were put on trial for the murder of Brady Paul and attempted murder of Ernie Moore.  They were convicted and sentenced to death.  Irene went to the chair first, days after her 22nd birthday, where she gained the admiration of the death chamber guards as she faced her demise with total calm.  One later remarked, "She died game!"

Friday, 29 August 2014

Marie Alexandrine Becker - A Rose West Before Her Time

Serial killers have been around in all shapes and forms throughout history, and that includes female serial killers.  From Elizabeth Bathory, to baby farmers like Amelia Dyer, the murderous Liverpool sisters who poisoned their own families simply for insurance money, Aileen Wournos and of course, good old innocent Rose.  There was a forerunner to her in Belgium in the 1930`s, Marie Becker.  What was different about her, was that she did not start killing until she was in her mid 50`s, but the motive was the usual one; greed.  She loved only two things.  Money and a robust young lover.  This European serial killer was born in 1877, and when she married, she lived in Liege with her husband.  Life was for years, very boring to her until one day, whilst out shopping in town, she ran into Lambert Beyer.  This younger man was the local romeo, and she enjoyed the flirting they did, and decided that she wanted him.  They had an extremely active affair but there was a fly in the ointment; her husband.  She made her mind up that he simply had to go.  Naturally, she had an insurance policy on him that was fully paid up, so in the latter part of 1932, she poisoned him with Digitalis.  This comes from the Foxglove flower.

    Marie splashed out on receipt of the insurance and opened a dress shop.  She split her time between the shop and Beyer`s bed.  Over time, he grew bored with him and despatched him the same way as her husband.  He had left her money in his will, and despite the money she earned from her shop, she needed more to keep her new lifestyle intact.  She was a nightclub girl who paid for as many young stallions as she could.  Her actions took an extremely dark turn at the start of July 1935, when a friend of hers, Marie Castadot, was taken ill.  Marie Becker offered her services as a nurse, and before long, Mme Castadot was dead.  Marie had now hit upon a way to get money; kill her friends and customers if they had left her any money in their wills.  One day, a woman was complaining about her husband to Marie and that she hoped he would either leave or die.  Marie offered to supply something that definitely do the job.  And it would not be traced.

    She was thought to have murdered nearly a dozen people before Police received a letter in October 1936 saying that they should investigate Marie Becker very carefully.  They did, and after conducting a search of her home, made a Christie/ Rose West style discovery.  Bodies in various locations.  All the bodies, after post mortems, were found to contain Digitalis.  She was charged with numerous murders.  At their funerals, she had put on a quite a display of "grief" but she quickly dried  her eyes when she received money from their wills.  Convicted, she was jailed for life.

    An aside about West; some believe that like Hindley & Homolka, she was under the control of her murder partner; Fred.  I disagree.  One murder was shown to have been committed whilst Fred was in jail.  What does that tell you?  Rose wanted to kill Caroline Roberts.  Fred let her go, and it was her evidence that helped bring Rose down.  What does that tell you?  Do you believe that a man with limited intelligence could control somebody?  Fred was as thick as pigshit, Rose was not.  She, like Myra Hindley and Karla Homolka, were as bad as, if not worse, than their partners.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Interstate 70 Killer

A serial killer has been roaming free for more than 20 years but the most baffling part of his crimes is the motive.  Just exactly what is it?  This white man aged 25 - 35, short brownish/auburn hair, 5` 7" in height, 140 - 160 pounds, slender build, has definitely murdered six victims in a thirty day killing spree in 1992, then in the following year, there are as many as four murders and one attempted murder that bear all the characteristics of the same man but in a different area.  His first six victims were killed by a single .22 shot to the head, execution style, giving rise to the belief that he was a military man.  Ballistics experts narrowed the field down to two specific weapons - an Intratec Scorpion or  an Erma Werke Model  ET 22.  They also discovered on cases, a red substance used for polishing or buffing.  He was targeting stores in shopping malls, with low visitation at a specific time, manned by lone women.

    He was using the long highway known as Interstate 70 to commute along, looking for suitable places to kill.  The highway ran from Baltimore in Maryland, to Cove Fort, Utah.  The first murder occurred on April 8th 1992 at a Payless Shoesource store in Indianapolis in Indiana.  26 year old Robin Fuldauer was found in the back of the shop she worked in, shot in the back of the head.  Money had been taken from the till.  Days later, he forced two women, Pat Magers, 32, and Pat Smith, 23 into the back of a bridal store in Wichita, Kansas, forced them to lie down and then shot them both in the back of the head.  Then a man walked into the shop, surprising the killer, who initially ordered him into the back of the shop, saying he had tied up the women.  The man said he wanted no part of what was going on and eventually, he was told to leave and stay silent.  He left and called the Police.  He helped the Police with the composite picture of the killer after they made the grisly discovery of the two victims.

    Then on April 27th, he walked into Sylvia`s Ceramics, saw a shop assistant kneeling down sorting out a display when he shot her in the back of the head.  Only this time, he got it completely wrong.  The victim was Mick McGown, a man who had long hair tied in a ponytail.   Then he moved on to St Charles in Missouri, where on May 3rd, Nancy Kitzmiller, a 24 year old who was just filling in for somebody that day at a western store.  Nancy was due to start a new job working for the Government, but she was found shot in the back of the head.  Four days later, this shining example of bravery went to a store in Raytown, outside of Kansas City, looked in through the window and locked eyes with TV repairman Tim Hickman.  He moved onto the next store where 37 year old Sarah Blessing was working alone.  Tim heard a gunshot, ran out to see the man he saw, disappear around the corner.  He found the body of Sarah, shot in the back of the head.

    Then the killings stopped but a number of incidents the following year in Texas, were matched to the same assailant.  But now he was changing his MO.  He was using a different .22 gun but the same red substance was found on the shell casings.  Victims included Antiques store clerk Mary Ann Glasscock, 51, on September 25th 1993 and Dancewear shop clerk Amy Vess, 22, on November 1st 1993.  Another two killings have been attributed to this man but another victim incredibly survived.  He shot her in the neck, and she lay paralysed and played dead.  Now, he dragged her body deeper into the store, then pulled down her trousers and panties, making it look like a sex assault.  Then he pointed the gun to her forehead and pulled the trigger.  The gun just clicked.  Then he heard a car pull up outside, so he escaped quickly.  A young couple discovered her and alerted emergency services.  Amazingly, she made a full recovery in three months.  She later identified the composite drawing as the man who shot her.

    What do we make of this man?  Was he a soldier suffering PTSD?  Then why was he targeting women?  Why did he shoot them from behind?  Is it because he can never be face to face with women?  That he is chronically shy?  But why punish them?  Did some woman humiliate him severely, building up a very deep hatred?  Was he a thrill killer?  This would give him a "buzz" to be able to kill and get out very quickly.  But we come back to the ruthless and brutal way he killed.  No emotions.  Just like a robot.  Was he bullied at school?  Then why did he not target his tormentors?  And why wait for a number of years?  Why did he avoid confrontations with men?   Were men not weak enough for him?  Or was it because he quite simply wanted to kill women, execution style, just for the hell of it?  If he is ever caught, they should just take him out to a field do to him what he did to his victims.  They deserve nothing less.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Rock Machine War

When it comes to truly bloody warfare between rival biker gangs, it does not take place in the States, but in Canada and Scandinavia.  There have been two bloody wars; in Scandinavia, it was between the Hells Angels & The Bandidos, and in Canada, it was between The Hells Angels and The Rock Machine.  This war ran for eight years from 1994 to 2002, and resulted in more than 140 deaths, more than 140 wounded and nearly a dozen people missing.  What was the cause of this bloodbath?  Greed!  Pure and simple.  The origins of the Rock Machine go back to the mid 1980`s when an OMG called The SS dissolved with most of the gang joining the Hells Angels.  One of them was Maurice "Mom" Boucher who ended up as the leader of the Montreal Angels and attempted to become the crime boss of the city.

    Another former member of the SS was Salvatore Cazzetta.  He did not share the Angels` method of business and with a brother, Giovanni, whom was a member of the Outlaws, but persuaded him to leave them, decided on their own club called The Rock Machine.  They hit on an idea that wearing colours like all other gangs, would make them identifiable targets, so they eschewed colours.  They preferred to wear a gold ring that had the name and a black eagle on it.  Rings worn by prospects did not have the club name.  The Cazzettas were criminals through and through, and importantly, they made contacts with the Montreal Mafia and a powerful Irish gang.  They were friendly with the Bandidos.  Other members were drug pushers and club owners.  They, like the Angels had puppet gangs that did their dirty work for them.  Clubs like the Devils Disciples, the Dark Circle & the Palmers MC.  The Angels used the Rockers, the Death Riders & the Evil Ones, amongst many.

    The Rock Machine had considerable allies on which to call for support which ensured the Angels would not start any trouble but some years on, both Cazzetta brothers were jailed, effectively removing the leadership.  The Angels decided to move in and take over their criminal and drug empires but the Rock Machine were not to be intimidated.  They hit back.  And the result was eight years of shootings, bombings, knifings and general mayhem that saw over 140 deaths.  But one act of violence did bring the ordinary citizens of Canada to loudly protest to the Government and Police that they had to act.  It was on August 9th 1995 when a bomb was planted in a jeep that belonged to an alleged drug dealer, aligned with the RM.  When it was detonated, the blast killed the driver, but debris also killed 11 year old Daniel Desrochers.  The general public were outraged and demanded action.  Truth emerged later, that the bombers had put the device in the wrong car and so killed the wrong man.  The intended target had a car the same make and colour.

    The Rock Machine announced in 1999 that it was now an official OMG and years later, had expanded into the States and Australia, by recruiting former Bandidos members.  The war ended in 2002 but violence between OMGs will always go on as they battle over turf and drugs.  You do not see the body counts in the States like in Canada and Scandinavia, but the battles rage between the HA, Outlaws, Bandidos, Pagans, Mongols, Warlocks and many others.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Writing A Book - What To Do & NOT To Do

A bit of a break from the piling up of bodies, but I have thought about this for a long time and now is the time to put it up.  I once did write a crime book, a memoir, but I eventually lost the deal, and looking back, I am glad because it was not very well written, and I would have come in for considerable criticism from other writers.  I did have the support of a couple of writers, one initially advised me on how to go about getting information, what accessories I would need, and what to expect when entering the world of book publishing.  Safe to say, that I was a complete novice, but this also led me into a false sense of security, which I will elaborate on shortly.  My first attempt at authorship, was a memoir of a man whom had been in and out of jail.  It remains for me to say that writers can have bad experiences when attempting this new career.  My experience turned into a nightmare.  The reason?  The man I was writing about.  You will see the problems I encountered with the subject, due to his massive ego and vanity.  I was the one trying to get publishers interested.  I was the one trying to get corroboration of stories he told.  I was the one learning all aspects of book publishing and companies, whilst he sat on his backside thinking he was a celebrity, and that publishers should have been fighting to get his story.  One big mistake you can make, and I did make, was be blind to things because of the chance you may get in print.

    If you decide on somebody`s memoirs, you should lay down ground rules that must be stuck to.  If your subject was in the Services, he should allow you access to his military records.  Any refusal means there is no corroboration, and more importantly, he has something to hide.  It is called the truth.  The same applies with a criminal record.  Any refusal, you walk away.  Again, it is hiding the truth.  Your subject should try to provide as much proof on what you discuss, not leave you to try and unearth it or have you believe everything he says.  Every question should be answered.  Replies like "I do not want to talk about that" or "I`m not talking about him" are indications that he wants to avoid talking about certain things, usually because he has nothing to say about it, but the reply may imply something criminal or sinister.

    You may decide to approach publishers yourself.  This is a minefield.  Publishers get hundreds of manuscripts every week, and nearly all end up in the "slush pile" - not bothered with!  Companies do not have to reply to you and it can take months just to get a response. If you get one.   First off, get a copy of the Writers & Artistes Yearbook, where you get the tips and pointers for different areas of writing, and it lists all the reputable companies.  I was lucky in that I built up a number of contacts in the game and learned enough to know how it works.  If your subject says things like "All the publishers in London do as they are told" or "I can walk into any publisher in London and get this done" or "So & so gives this company their orders" you just burst out laughing and walk away because that person lives in fantasyland.  Other favourites  that include "I am the most respected....." or "I am well known throughout...." mean nothing to publishers, as each deal they offer is a business deal, not a favour.  Also, being friendly with famous or notorious characters does NOT guarantee a deal.  It comes down to the book, or maybe the Editor or MD got out of bed the wrong way, or that particular day they hate people.  There could be a multitude of reasons why you get a knockback.  Be sure to check which companies specialise in crime books.

    If you approach a company and they ask for money, you back away immediately.  These are known as "Vanity Publishers" and are allowed to get away with ripping you off.  The only recourse you have would be to take them to a small claims court.  Mainstream companies do not ask for any payment, as they try to recoup their costs in sales.  Sales of books are not big.  Only established, well known authors make a living solely from writing.  The upsurge in manuscripts to companies is due to a certain Miss Rowling.  If she can make a fortune, so can they!  You will have gathered the stumbling blocks I encountered, but I was a total novice.  An experienced writer would have immediately walked away.  A novice can be manipulated.  Good luck if any of you attempt a book.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Murder of Molly Anne Bish

This is a open cold case in which a young girl who worked as a lifeguard at a local swimming pond, vanished in 2000 and her remains were discovered 3 years later, around 5 miles from where she was abducted.   Molly Bish, just short of her 17th birthday, when her mother dropped her off at Commins Pond in Warren, Massachusetts.  She was soon noticed missing, and an intense search was carried out but there was no sign of her.  The day before, when Mrs Bish dropped off Molly at the pond, she spotted a man sat in a white car, and thought he was a bit suspicious.  After the disappearance of Molly, she gave a description that fitted two men that became persons of interest for the Police, but this was years down the line.

    The spot where Molly worked was out of sight from the carpark, so to know that a young girl worked there, would have meant local knowledge.  Plus, she vanished in a very short time span, which indicated the assailant could have been waiting.  Again, indicating familiarity with the area and the people.  It was not until 2003 that remains were found in a wooded area in Palmer, Massachusetts, known as Whiskey Hill.  A hunter had come across a blue bathing suit towards the end of 2002 and mentioned it to somebody.  Later, they connected it to the disappearance of Molly.  She had been wearing a blue bathing suit.  Molly had been found.  She was buried in August 2003.

    A couple of suspects emerged.  In 2005, a man from Connecticut who had been charged with attempted kidnapping, was closely looked at by Police, but ruled out.  Then a man who resided in Florida, was convicted of murdering his girlfriend.  He had previously lived near Warren, Massachusetts, for 20 years, then moved to Florida, one year after Molly`s disappearance.  This man is called Rodney Stangers.  He resembles the composite drawing provided by Mrs Bish, he also knew Commins Pond, Whiskey Hill, and had access to a white car.  He was questioned over this and the 1993 murder of 10 year old Holly Piiaianen, who vanished whilst she was staying with grandparents in Sturbridge.  Her remains were found months later in October 1993.

    In 2012, forensics linked a man called David Pouliot to the crime scene through DNA but the problem was, Pouliot had been dead since 2003.  He remains at present a suspect.  But theprevious year, in November 2011, private eye Dan Malley from Massachusetts, named a man called Gerald Battistoni, serving time for the rape of a young girl, as another suspect.  He is said to resemble the sketch also.  When he heard he was now a suspect in the murders of Holly & Molly, he attempted suicide.  This could be interpreted as the actions of a guilty man, but he has not been formally charged, so he is still just a suspect.  But it was discovered that Police had not bothered to submit evidence for DNA testing for a year, so the Bish family raised the roof.  Police submitted the items for testing.  There is an explanation for this.  Battistoni is a Confidential Informant for the Eastern Hampton County Narcotics Task Force.  Was it thought that it was better for him to serve time for rape rather than a possible whole life sentence for murder?  It is not unusual for Police to turn a blind eye to murders that involve informants.  They have done over here.  We all await the test results that may clear these two crimes up.

Clifford Bartholomew - Mass Murderer

It never ceases to astound me what depths people will lower themselves to, for money or affairs of the heart.  What is much more astounding, is the complete lack of guts of courts to properly punish the worst offenders.  The case of Cliff Bartholomew is an outstanding example.  He massacred his family, because his wife was more comfortable with a soldier.  He could have looked at the situation in two ways.  If he still wanted his wife, he could have played a waiting game, to see just what exactly she wanted or forced the issue and asked her to decide.   Both Bartholomew and his wife were 40 years old, and living on a farm at Hope Forest, by Willunga, near Adelaide, Australia.

    The soldier also lived on the farm.  Bartholomew had moved out of the home due to the circumstances but returned for a big family dinner, in September 1971, but he gotten hold of a letter from the soldier to his wife.  He left and came back in the early hours.  He brought with him, two rifles and a mallet.  First off, he struck his wife over the head with the mallet then he shot her dead.  The noise awoke all the people in the house.  He systematically slaughtered his seven children, plus his sister in law.  He sat down to drink beer then he realised his little nephew was still alive.  He calmly reloaded his gun and went to finish him off....

    After he had finished, he called his doctor and told him what he had done.  The doctor called Police who raced to the remote farmhouse, and found him sat in his kitchen having drank a bottle of spirits.  He said that he had to kill them all, as he loved them too much!  Oh really!!!!!   Makes you wonder what he would have done if he hated them!  Convicted of mass murder, he was originally sentenced to death but this was commuted to life.  But in an incredible example of pissing and dancing on the graves of all the victims, HE WAS PAROLED AFTER JUST EIGHT YEARS!!!!!!!!   He returned to Adelaide under a new identity, no doubt provided by the complicit authorities.  It makes you wonder if killers in Australia think that not really much is going to happen to them if caught.  They certainly do not lock them away like they do in the States.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

"The Texas Killing Fields"

This is another one of those long running cases where there are many victims in an area of the USA, but virtually most of the deaths remain unsolved.  This area of Texas, covering Houston, Galveston, Dickinson, and other towns, are also close to Interstate 45, which has led to the calling of the case the I - 45 murders.  In a 35 year period, 30 young women and girls have gone missing, been abducted and murdered, and their bodies turn up in a 25 acre patch of land, close to I - 45.  So many bodies turned up that the father of one of the victims spent many nights waiting on this land, armed with a high powered gun - a .44 Magnum - to see if somebody came to dump a body and he was going to blow them away.  Nobody did show up when he was there.  But his actions are very understandable.  What do we make of what is known?  Obviously, there are multiple killers involved, but some of the disappearances have the same MO, so it seems logical that there is at least one or two serial killers involved.  One view given by criminal profiler John Kelly is that it is many offenders that were opportunists.  

    Two men have emerged during the long investigations.  Harold Bell, 72, and a convicted killer, told Police in a letter way back in 1998, that he was responsible for killing 11 young girls.  Bell was a good suspect for Police for a long time but it seems there is not enough evidence to warrant charges.  Bell must not have revealed names, dates, dumping grounds and MO, but could have just been taunting Police.  The other suspect has in fact been convicted of murder.  Kevin Edison Smith was convicted through DNA in 2012 of the rape and murder of 13 year old Krystal Jean Baker from Texas City in 1996.  She vanished after visiting a local store and her battered body was found on March 5th 1996.  Smith was arrested on a drugs charge so was routinely swabbed and the sample was put onto the national database.  His luck ended in 2009 when a detective decided to put the clothes of the victim in for testing and DNA found on the clothes was put into the database.  Later came a match to Kevin Smith, and he received a life sentence.

    The list of victims and especially their ages, is heartbreaking.
Brenda Jones, 14, body discovered July 1st 1971
Colette Wilson, 13
Gloria Gonzales, 19, body found October 28th 1971
Alison Craven, 12, vanished November 9th 1971, discovered March 1972.
Debbie Ackerman, 15, Maria Johnson, 15, Vanished together November 11th 1971, found two days later.
Kimberley Pitch ford, 16, vanished January 3rd 1973.
Suzanne Bowers, 12, vanished May 21st 1977, found March 1979.
Brooks Bracewell, 12, Georgia Greer, 14, vanished together from store, bodies discovered April 3rd 1981 
Sandra Rambler, 14, vanished October 26th 1983.
Heide Villareal-Faye, 23,vanished October 10th 1983 from store, body discovered April 1984
Laura Miller, 16, vanished from store, September 10th 1984, body discovered February 1986.
Shelley Sikes, 19, vanished from vehicle on I - 45 May 24th 1986.
Suzanne Richardson, 22, vanished October 7th 1988.
Lynette Bibbs, 14, Tamara Fisher, 15, vanished February 1st 1996.
Laura Smither, 12 vanished on a jog on 3rd April 1997, discovered on April 20th.
Jessica Cain, 17, vanished from truck on I - 45, August 17th 1997.
Tot Harriman, 57, vanished July 12th 2001.
Sarah Trusty, 23, vanished July 12th 2002, whilst riding her bike. Found a fortnight later.
Teressa Vanegas, 16, vanished October 31st 2006.
Two unidentified females were discovered on February 3rd 1986 and September 8th 1991.

    Some were double disappearances, which could indicate two men but would young girls go with grown men unless they knew them.  Some vanished from stores which could point to a predator staking out stores.  That would mean he has all the time in the world, and he must be a very convincing person to get them into his vehicle.  The one stand out victim is Tot Harriman, who was in her late 50`s, which indicates to me that this was an opportunist attack, all the others were 23 and under.  The first cluster of victims to me, looks likely to have fallen to the same man, but then we get time lapses before the next known victims.  Different offenders?  Undoubtedly.  The usual jailing, deaths or moving from the areas can account for the time lapses but over such a long period, it cannot be the same man without him giving up some clues.  

    Areas do throw up numerous bodies; Highway 16 in Canada, Long Island, Santa Rosa, Houston/Galveston, Jefferson Davis Parish - all unsolved.  Maybe one day they will be.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Execution of Ben Benson

Here we go with one of those obscure murders that resulted in execution for a none high profile case.  Whilst the murder was committed, Europe was in the approaching end to the Great War, so murders were relegated to tiny pieces in the newspapers.  The motive for the murder was pure jealousy and anger.  Anne Mayne had married Charles, but she had a problem.  She always wanted a man in her bed.  Today she would be called a sex maniac, or "addict.2  One day, Charlie came home to find her in bed with his boss, Ben Benson.  Charlie packed his belongings and moved out.  Anne decided to move in with Benson, but in 1916, he was shipped abroad to France.  Despite her lover putting his life on the line, she carried on entertaining men in his absence, but was discreet when he returned home on leave.  Until he came home in August 1918.  He was not expected home.

    Anne walked into their Hunslet home with a young soldier on 27th August 1918, but both were too drunk to notice Benson in the house.  Naturally, they set a course for the bedroom, in which an infuriated Benson walked in to find them at it solidly.  He chased the young man from the house and he confronted Anne about her behaviour.  They slept apart that night.  But events turned extremely nasty the following morning when Anne received two letters in the post.  Benson demanded to know who they were from, but Anne refused to say anything.  Benson snapped and struck his wife, but she just laughed and said she would be bedding other men when he goes back to the Army.  Benson blew a fuse, grabbed a razor from the kitchen and slashed her throat.  She died shortly afterwards in hospital and Benson was arrested and charged with murder.  The only defence he had was provocation but that was never going to save him.  Convicted and condemned, he was executed at Armley Prison, Leeds, on January 7th 1919 by Tom Pierrepoint.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Thames Towpath Murders

This is a case that begs the question; did the Police embroider their evidence in order to secure a conviction and ultimately, an execution?  The evidence, at times, was so slopshod, as to be beyond belief.  Readers will soon understand.  The events in this case began on the night of Sunday May 31st 1953, when tow teenage girls,Barbara Songhurst, 16 & Christine Reed, 18, had been visiting three friends who were camping.  As the night wore on, they said that they were off home.  one of the boys went so far with them, to ensure safety.  When they reached the Thames towpath, they left him and cycled off.  Neither made it home.  The following day, the body of Barbara was found near Richmond, but there was no sign of Christine.  It was not until June 6th that the body of Christine further up the river.  Both had been repeatedly stabbed, beaten and in the case of Barbara,raped.

    That month, two women had been attacked, with one being raped.  Police had arrested Alfred Charles Whiteway.  Questioned, he denied any attacks, and later was questioned about the two murders.  Circumstantial evidence made him a good suspect.  He was alleged to have raped, and Barbara had been.  He lived in the general area, and was a bicycle rider.  The towpath was frequently used by cyclists.   The Police had no evidence to hold him.  Now, things turned peculiar.  The post mortems carried out on the girls suggested an axe or similar object had been used.  When Whiteway was first arrested, an axe was found under the front seat of the car that Police transported Whiteway to the station.  The officer who found it, decided to take it home and use it for chopping wood.  later, he realised the possible implications and handed it in.  This was said by forensics to be the murder weapon.  Blood was found on a shoe worn by Whiteway.

   It was claimed that when Whiteway was confronted with this evidence, he cracked and confessed.  "You bloody well know that I did it!" was one of the things he supposedly said.  That smacks of verballing.  He signed statements admitting his guilt then denying it.  He was charged with two counts of murder.  On trial, he denied admitting anything, and that the Police had fabricated his confession.  This was naturally greeted with outrage by the press.  His wife gave him an alibi, saying that they were together at the time of the murders.  The Jury believed the Crown version that Whiteway admitted striking Barbara with the axe, then seeing Christine, who started screaming, so he bludgeoned her as well.  Then he obviously would have gone back to the stricken girl he first hit in order to violate her, then finish her off.  He was executed at Wandsworth  Prison on December 22nd 1953 by Albert Pierrepoint.

    A couple of points to make.  First off, newspaper reports at the time state Police beliefs that TWO men were involved.  There actually is a site where you can view these headlines.  Nowadays, DNA would conclusively confirm the guilt or innocence of Whiteway in regards to the blood.  The episode with the axe and the fact that Whiteway was not searched despite being suspected of serious crimes.  Would the axe today be regarded by defence lawyers as exceedingly tainted?  Whiteways lawyer, Peter Rawlinson, a junior Barrister - like Rumpole of the Bailey - exposed glaring holes in the evidence of Superintendent Bert Hannam, during cross-examination.  Either Whiteway confessed or he didn`t.  A confession should be straitforward.  But then again, at that time, British Policemen NEVER told lies.  No matter how many were convicted or dismissed for it.  Hannam was a few years later, destroyed in cross-examination by Sir Geoffrey Lawrence, QC, for John Bodkin Adams, a doctor cleared of murder but now regarded as being an early Harold Shipman, despite no clear and irrefutable proof against him.  Did Whiteway kill the girls?  He certainly would have been a strong suspect.  The confession is his word against Police.  In those days, Police could say whatever they wanted and were believed.  Was the blood on his shoes from his victims?  Today, we would know.  Would trace evidence been found on the axe?  Possibly.  Did Mrs Whiteway speak the truth?  Or was she protecting her husband?  Why did the Police initially believe it was two assailants?  Was Whiteway a serial rapist who could not stop himself and had to kill them both as he knew one of them?  In researching this, there has been no mention of which girl knew him.  This was something Whiteway allegedly told Hannam.  The most bothersome part of this are the gaping holes in Hannam`s testimony, exposed by Peter Rawlinson, but probably they did get it right but had to rely on lies and circumstantial evidence to put him on the scaffold.  But in the end, two girls were brutally murdered.  Maybe I am completely wrong.  Any opinions?

Monday, 18 August 2014

The Murder of Henry Tandy & The Execution of George Newland

Trawling old murder cases, it is inevitable the motive for a callous & brutal murder cab be quite simply, "they have money!"  People are murdered and the culprit has a very huge chance of standing on the scaffold.  But it never deterred them.   And at around that time, the early 1950`s, there was a big rise in violent crime committed by young men.  One film that emphasised this was "Cosh Boy" made in 1952 and had a young Joan Collins in it.  One such young man, in his defence, claimed he thought of the idea of robbery, after watching a crime film.  It shows that "video nasties" were not the only films capable of inducing people to kill.  Believe that and you believe anything.

    George James Newland was a 21 year old who had done National Service in a military base by Orsett, near Grays in Essex.  There, he befriended an elderly couple, Henry Tandy, aged 65, and his wife, Honor.   He helped them out with small gifts of food and cigarettes.  The couple really took a liking to the young soldier.  After coming out of the Army, he returned to the family home in Walthamstow, London.  He found work as a metal caster, but one day, in May 1953, he wanted to buy a new suit but did not have the money.  He hit upon the idea of robbing the elderly couple he had befriended.  On May 30th, he bought some fruit, then put a claw hammer in the bag with the fruit and made his way to Orsett.  Henry & Honor were glad to see the friendly young man and invited him into their home.  Then Newland attacked them with the claw hammer.  MNrs Tandy was beaten unconscious and had to spend considerable time in hospital to recover from her wounds.  Henry was not so lucky.  He died from the savage attack inflicted by Newland.  Newland then ransacked the house for money, finding just over £8.

    Police were quickly on his trail and was taken in for questioning.  He confessed to the attack, saying that he went to the cinema and watched a violent film that gave him ideas.  This was not believed by the Jury and he was convicted and condemned.  He was executed at Pentonville Prison on 23rd December 1953 by Albert Pierrepoint.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Murder of Kathryn Harms

Kathryn Harms had the misfortune to befriend a psycho bitch who slowly, over a period of a week, drugged and beat her, then dragged her helpless victim from a car and cold bloodedly murdered her.  Kathryn, 34, had split from her husband and divorced, but they had a son, who lived with his father.  For once, his mother failed to show when she was to see him.  This particular day was her son`s birthday, and her mysterious non-appearance sparked concern.  A body of a woman was found on November 10th 1995 in the Far North Bicentennial Park in Anchorage, Alaska.  Her throat had been cut and she had been stabbed in the chest.  Diligent detective work had led them to a motorcycle gang that she had hung around with.  A claim had been made that Kathryn had been assaulted by one of the gang, but detectives had no proof that anything untoward had happened between Kathryn and any of the gang.  Details had been provided by a room-mate of hers called Maureen Malloy.

    Detectives received a huge break when they were called by a woman from Washington, who said a box had been sent to her, asking for the contents to be destroyed.  There was a backpack and a knife.  The backpack belonged to Kathryn, and the knife was established as the murder weapon.  The box had been sent by Maureen Malloy.  Arrested, she blamed her friend, Carrie Rondell as initially, being responsible.  Carrie Rondell crumbled and told Police the whole story.  The motive for the murder was that Malloy suspected Kathryn of telling her ex-husband, she had stolen some of his guns.  Also, it was claimed that Kathryn was a Government informant, as she worked for them.  

    She did.  She worked for the Forestry Service.  Not exactly at the forefront of fighting organised crime.  Rondell, who testified against Malloy and received 5 years for being an accessory, said Malloy gave Kathryn alcohol laced with muscle relaxants, and leaving her completely helpless.  Over the course of a week, she beat, starved and kept plying Kathryn with drugs, in their motel room.  Then she dragged her out to her car, drove off to the park, then pulled her from the car.  She proceeded to cut her throat, then plunge the knife into her chest.  In court, she admitted all she told Police were lies.  She got her just desserts.  Two 99 sentences.  She has to serve 53 years before she can even be considered for parole.  I say, GOOD!

Views From The Soapbox

Every so often I like to air some views about points of crime & detection, Policing, and even political points, so today I offer my opinions on several topics.  The first is a report about claims of damages against the Metropolitan Police after it was revealed that two undercover officers had married and raised families with the women they were supposed to have been spying on.  Due to it being still fought in court, I cannot comment specifically on the case, but will take a general view of the ethics.  The was a squad in place called the Demonstration Squad that operated from 1968 to 2008.  Yes, I can see that the Government and Police would want to keep a close watch on particular individuals or groups.  We have the anarchists, animal rights groups, far right troublemakers, and so on.  Infiltrating these groups will go on, and indeed, some of these are dangerous in various ways.  Some will not care who is hurt or killed, others will want to suppress any opinion that is not theirs.  Look at that hero of the Left, Lenin.  It was he who started the genocide of his own people.  Any dissenters were obliterated.  Stalin later took over this task.  Amazing, how can people who preach peace admire a man who says "you disagree with me, therefore you die!"  Animal rights protesters will harm or kill to make their points.  

    The question should be just how far should infiltrators be allowed to go?  Many of us will remember the women`s campaigners at Greenham Common.  They were perched outside a US base for a long time.  Do you remember how elements of the media, (right wing naturally) portrayed them as dole sponging lesbians and dangers to western democracy.  Just because they objected to nuclear weapons.  What lengths did the Government and police go to infiltrating this group?  How close do you get to a target?  Bedding the women would be needed, to keep up the pretence, but emotionally, where do you draw the line?  No doubt women have been used to target certain men and had no hesitation in dropping their knickers.  All for the good of the nation.  But are peace protesters, green campaigners, etc, such a danger to national security?  Then again, a 78 year old woman was.  Hilda Murrell, a world renowned rose grower and then campaigner against nuclear power.  Her abduction and murder, I believe, was carried out under the authority of the Spooks, with the actual kidnap, torture and murder, carried out by one or two cowboy, bottom of the barrel, "security companies."  At that time, anybody who disagreed with Margaret Thatcher was a danger to Britain, under orders from the Kremlin, and ready to hand over control to the country to Moscow!

    On the subject of far right organisations, we have had two demonstrations here in Bradford, carried out be the EDF - English Defence League.  The second was not as hectic as the first.  People complained that there were more Police than EDF.  I was in town when the second demonstration was going off.  There were around 700 hemmed in by Police by the bus station.  But at least order was kept by the Police, which cannot be faulted.  I remember the first one, seeing a couple of dozen vans full of cops flying down Manchester Road into the town centre.  The next time they were prepared.  What puzzles me about these extremists and racists, is why they do not hold rallies in Toxteth in Liverpool, Moss Side in Manchester & St Pauls in Bristol?  Is it because they know there REALLY would be trouble if they did, and they would be crying for Police protection?  And a number of them just might end up dead in the streets?  Years ago, on TV, there was a documentary about the far right group Combat 18, which claimed a high ranking member was in fact an infiltrator.  This is a group that has been growing around the world.  They hugely admire Hitler, yet, strangely enough, none of these troglodytes actually fit the image of the Aryan superman.  Funny that!


Saturday, 16 August 2014

Great News! Another Pusher Jailed!

This case is a touch different as the pusher is not jailed for drugs but for murder. What brought it on was the victim tried to pull a con on the pusher, by handing him rolls of paper rather than paper cash.  The response was predictable.  The pusher, Jake Austin, 25, drove his car at the two men who had approached him for heroin & cocaine.  The men, 33 year old John O`Donoghue and Aaron Eldridge attempted to get out of the way of the car hurtling at them.  Eldridge managed to avoid the car but O`Donoghue was struck, and he hit the windscreen with his head.  He died from his injuries.  This incident happened in Gillingham, Kent.   Austin, from Eltham in South London, was charged with murder but denied it.  Austin was convicted and sentenced to a minimum of 18 years.  Good.

    What I cannot understand is how they thought they would get away with it!  Surely people have woken up to the fact that these parasites are not "good buddies" to anybody but the worst type of capitalist there is.  They do not give a fuck about anything except the money.  When you want drugs, you hand over the EXACT amount.  There are no favours.  When you think back to the so-called "counter culture" of the late 60`s / early 70`s, these middle class wankers thought that businessmen were the epitome of capitalism.  Yet if you look at how pushers and suppliers operate, how can anybody say they are different to these businessmen.  They are worse.  Oh, how ironical for the "radicals" to look upon pushers admiringly yet refuse to see that they embody the principle they "despise."  

    Readers will have noticed that I never call them "dealers."  I call them what they have always been called; pushers.  It is like the term "taxing" when thieves rob from other thieves.  They were called ponces or "thieves ponces" & I still use that old term to describe them.  I believe that anybody who wants drugs legalised, should be compelled by law to take in a registered addict.  They are also compelled to be criminally and FINANCIALLY responsible for them.  Imagine middle class cunts like Marks & Fielding having to take in dirty working class, council estate, scumbag junkies into their homes.  Having their property stolen and - gulp! - putting their hands into their pockets so the junkie can go grovelling to the pusher.  Oh, the irony.  You may think that I have an agenda when it comes to drugs.  You`re right.  I do.  I would like to see my stepson living in the homes of Marks, Fielding and the like.  It would not take very long to have them screaming in despair.  Again, oh, the irony!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Execution of Alfred Bostock

Yet another love triangle that resulted in a murder and a one way trip to the scaffold for the culprit.  Affairs of the heart will always put to the side the fatal consequences that always finish these events.  The relationship between crane driver Alfred David Bostock, and Elizabeth Sherratt.  Elizabeth worked in the offices at the Parkgate Iron Works in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, where she was frequently asked out on dates by the admiring workforce.  She turned them all down, earning her the nickname of "Miss untouchable."  They were not to know that the 24 year old was at that time, having a secret relationship with 25 year old Bostock.  There was a very big fly in the ointment.  As ever, one of them was married.  Alfred Bostock.  He had told Elizabeth that he was very unhappy, and would seek a divorce, but this was simply a ruse to string Elizabeth along.  He wanted to keep having Elizabeth as a "bit on the side" whilst never intending to go through a possibly costly divorce.  To keep the affair from becoming known to the workforce, Elizabeth left the Ironworks and found a job at a cinema.  Bostock suddenly became an avid film fan.

    This cosy affair was to turn to bloodshed, when Elizabeth told her lover that she was pregnant.  Bostock was furious.  Elizabeth thought this would prompt him to get on with obtaining a divorce.  But she could not have been more wrong.  On Sunday 3rd May 1925, a body of a woman was found in the River Don, near Roundwood Colliery, in the Rawmarsh district of Rotherham.  The body was identified as Elizabeth Sherratt.  Her skull had suffered massive blunt force trauma, and the blood evidence at the side of the river, indicated she had struggled with her assailant.  Police searched her home and found numerous love letters from Bostock, so he was immediately arrested.  Bostock admitted he was her lover and indeed, had been with her on the day in question, but only for a very short time.  He claimed to have spent a few hours drinking in a pub, The Forge & Rail Mill, but no customer in there that night, recalled seeing him at all.  His alibi had crumbled and he was convicted of murder and sentenced to death.  He was hanged at Armley Prison in Leeds on 3rd September 1925, alongside Wilfrid Fowler, condemned to death for a murder in Sheffield, during the "Sheffield Gang Wars".  Lawrence Fowler, also condemned, was hanged the following day.

Monday, 11 August 2014

"The Highway of Tears Killer"

Between 1969 and 2006, 18 known young women were murdered or disappeared on the 900 mile stretch of road in the Canadian province of British Columbia.  The true figure is believed to be 40 or more victims.  This road, Highway 16, has a number of warning signs, stating to women not to hitch-hike as a killer was still on the loose.  Naturally, this does not work and many young women still hitch lifts on this road that stretches for hundreds of miles through desolate, yet beautiful surroundings.  Massive forests adorn both sides of the highway - perfect locations for dumping bodies!  Just how many sad and terrible secrets do these forests hold?

    Police have been running an investigation into these deaths and disappearances for over 5 years, but so far, only one man has been positively linked to any of the deaths of travelling and hiking women.  That man is Bobby Jack Fowler, a man linked to two double murders of young hikers in Oregon, and thought to be linked to some of the murders on Highway 16.  The only drawback investigators have, is that Fowler died in prison in 2006.  He was positively linked to a 1974 murder by DNA.  The clothes of a young victim had been preserved with biological evidence on them and now forensics were able to draw a DNA profile and it came up with a match to Fowler.  Yes, Fowler is dead, but at least one murder has been cleared up.

    The killing spree ran for 37 years so it was thought could the same man be responsible?  Yes, it is possible, but considering the length of the highway and the time span of the crimes, it is reasonable to speculate that several killers are at large, or even individual killers.  That could be too much for some authorities to grasp.  Some victims were driven off side roads and dumped, which implies local knowledge.  Going off up a side road, you never know who could be around, but if you know the lay of the land for some distance, then you will know your chances of being disturbed.  I believe there are a number of killers at work.  Fowler was one.  But he was undoubtedly a travelling killer.  A truck driver is a reasonable inclusion.  He could be one who decides that the girl he picks up today will die, but the next one, not.  The lone killer, with the time span, 37 years, makes this ridiculous.  The much vaunted "cooling off period" that inhabited profiling for years, does not come into it.  What does he do to feed his craving for death, as 18 known victims over 37 years, does not add up to much, statistically?  And how many women have thumbed lifts on this 900 mile stretch of road and lived, in that time span?  The murders would add up to a very tiny fraction.  

    So my belief that there are the travelling killers like Fowler, possibly a truck driver, but most women fell victim to opportunists, seeing a lone woman, wanted to have sex with them, were rebuffed so in a rage they killed them.  With the added bonus of massive swathes of forestry, they were spoilt for choice for dumping grounds for the victims.  Do any readers pass huge forests and fields and wonder if they hold any secrets?  Sobering thought.

The Disappearance of Mandy Stokes

Just watched this case on I.D. channel and having done a little research, many people have drawn the same conclusion that Aaron Stokes, brother of the missing Mandy, is up to his neck in her disappearance.  In the USA, you can say that somebody has committed a crime, because they have the Constitution which allows freedom of speech.  We do not have that right over here in the UK, because that sort of comment brings threatening and intimidating letters from law firms that specialise in libel and slander.  But do I believe Aaron Stokes is involved?  Oh yes, there is far too much circumstantial evidence to believe otherwise, but that is only my opinion.  As nobody has been charged, opinion is not fact.

    Alicia Amanda Stokes, 32, was sharing an apartment with her brother Aaron, a former drug user - but thought to have been back on drugs - in Oakland, California.  She was observed having a violent argument with her brother outside their apartment, by a stairwell.  A witness told Police later, she had to dodge past him and ran back to the room, with him chasing her.  It was 25th November 2007.  Her family did not hear from her, and phoned to ask her brother to report her missing, but he did not.  Her mother had to do it from hundreds of miles away.  Police spoke to Aaron Stokes who said that she went to run some errands.  He refused to let Police into the apartment, despite being told that Amanda was now officially missing.  Her family came over and helped pack up her belongings and start a search themselves.  Police discovered through bank records that her credit card had been used after she vanished.  Also her brother had written fraudulent cheques to himself using her chequebook.  Her car was found in a pound after it had been towed away.  Her card had been used at an ATM a couple of blocks away from where her car had been left.

    Aaron Stokes was brought in for questioning but stuck to his original story and eventually refused to answer any questions.  Police were only able to search the apartment after Stokes vacated it, so potential evidence had been lost by the family taking stuff, and the apartment being cleaned after later.  Stokes left it like a shithole.  But Forensics were able to get biological samples from the apartment and her the car that belonged to Amanda.  They presented their case to the District Attorney but he felt there was too much circumstantial and not enough direct proof.  Amanda remains officially missing.  Police believe she is dead.  

    What to make of the evidence?  Stokes was a drug addict.  He was getting money from Amanda one way or another.  That will be to go grovelling to the pusher.  His refusal to let Police in despite the fact that his sister vanished, may be because he had drugs in the room, but Police found DNA evidence much later.  How much would they have found if it was thoroughly searched?  People have commented on why did the Police not get a warrant?  how much probable cause did they have?  Would a Judge have believed that a brother could callously murder his own sister?  Getting a warrant can be very fickle, as cops obviously realised.  Remember, even the DA thought there was not enough direct evidence to go to trial.  There was DNA evidence in the car, but did it prove that Stokes drove the car with her body in it?  He had no hesitation getting money from her account after she vanished.  One silly bitch claims that was a fabrication on the part of the cops.  But this smart arse forgot one important detail;  the Bank would have to be involved in fabricating this evidence.  Others have stated that the cops should have searched the apartment whilst the family were there.  But it was NOT their apartment.  It was rented by Stokes and his sister.  His lawyer would have immediately pressed for any evidence found there to be discarded because it was not properly obtained by warrant and that Stokes did not want them to search it.  Stokes blocked every attempt to get to the truth from himself & the apartment.  It goes to show that not even family are as important to an addict as drugs and the pusher. Everybody and everything pales in contrast to the pusher.  If it was a case of "If I have to murder my own sister so I can get another fix, then so be it!" will people wake up to the fact that drugs are just a slow suicide and that pushers do not give a fuck.  All they want is your money.  Pathetic.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Ashley Barber - Rapist

It comes as a comfort when you see violent sexual predators receive hefty jail sentences, and Judges do not listen to the pathetic excuses spouted by defence lawyers.  Ashley Barber, from Derby, was such a sadistic predator.  He had a girlfriend in the Midlands, who initially went along with his increasingly violent sexual demands.  He also raped her a number of times.  He then started smoking Cannabis - No EXCUSE! - and surfing the Net for porn after this "relationship" ended.  Barber then met up with a woman from Bradford, who, like the first woman, went along with his sick demands, but she eventually reported him to Police after a violent rape.  When news of this reached the woman in the Midlands, she found the courage to go to the Police and told all about the abuse she suffered at the hands of Barber.

   Barber, 26, stood trial at Bradford Crown Court, and faced four counts of rape.  The first three occurred between January 2010 and December of 2011.  The Bradford woman, Barber violently raped last July, 2013.  The Judge, giving no quarter, sentenced this sick bastard to 17 years prison.  Detective Sergeant Suzanne Hall of the Bradford District Safeguarding Unit, urged victims of violence and sexual assault to come forward, as this case illustrated the care the officers gave to the victims and the determination of the Police to put these men in jail.

Drugs Gang Jailed

Yesterday I bought the local newspaper came across some stories worthy of inclusion on this blog, so to take a breather from the proliferation of murder, I present first off, the capture of a small cluster of criminals and their subsequent jailing for drugs offences.  The people convicted were Tony Graver, from Mirfield, Huddersfield, his girlfriend Kerry Shaw, Dale Brough from Tyersal and Simon Stevenson from West Bowling.  Their downfall came Graver went to a garage rented by Brough.  Both Brough and Stevenson were at the garage.  When Graver drove away from the garage, situated on an industrial estate, it was stopped by police and searched, leading them to arrest him on suspicion of supplying drugs.  Police moved in and arrested Brough and Stevenson, leading to searches at all the accused homes. 

    A search of the Graver home threw up Class C drugs - Diazepam - and paraphenalia for cutting, weighing and bagging.  Police also thoroughly searched the garage and it`s loft, producing more class C drugs - Benzylpiperazine - and Cocaine.  The loft was being prepared for growing Cannabis.  But despite being on bail, Graver was observed parking a car belonging to Shaw at the Birch Services on the M62.  This car was thoroughly searched leading to the discovery of a small box attached to the underneath, containing Cocaine.  Police searched Shaws` home finding more Cocaine and class C drugs that included BZP.  Fingerprint evidence clearly linked her to items seized at the garage.  Sentences handed down at Bradford Crown Court saw Graver receive 12 years, Dale Brough 8 years, Stevenson & Shaw both received 7 years each.  Kerry Shaw had three young children but they were obviously not as important as drug money, and at the end of the day, you reap what you sow.  You do the crime, you do the time.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Death of Paige Birgfeld

With technology and in particular, the Internet, whole world`s are opening up for the ordinary person in the street.  Yet, despite the huge changes to our lives, the Internet is full of potential danger to the unwary.  One is the proliferation of dating and contact sites now on the Web.  There will be women - and men - who will view it as a safer way to conduct potential friendships or "business" but now there are predators who scour the Web for victims, rather than troll red light areas or public conveniences.  One popular site is "Craigslist" which has thrown up killer Philip Markoff, and four of the identified victims of the Long Island serial Killer, were prostitutes who advertised on Craigslist.  But there are numerous different sites that people use to advertise their "services."  One such site was "Naughty Nightlife" which a woman calling herself "Carrie" advertised herself.  Her real name was Paige Birgfeld.

    Paige was 34 years old, a divorced mother of three, who owned her own Acupuncture business and was a part time Sales Consultant for the Pampered Chef business.  She lived in a $1,000,000 home and lived a very sumptuous lifestyle in Colorado.  Nobody had a clue that much of her lifestyle was paid for by her secret sideline as an on-line escort.  Everything changed for her on June 28th 2007 when her Ford Focus car was found ablaze in the car park of a local business.  There was no sign of Paige.  For nearly five years, she was officially listed as missing, until a hiker came across the remains of a skeleton in Delta County, close to the mesa County line.  Along with bones, there were pieces of clothing and various objects, that eventually led to her identification.  A Forensic Anthropologist was brought in to determine cause of death, but was unable to do so.  A cold case team was brought in to attempt to solve the case, and they soon had a suspect.  He had been one of her clients.  He was 56 years old and had a criminal record that raised a huge red flag.  He had been jailed for five years for an assault and abduction.  His home was searched twice by Police but no charges have ever been served.

    Comments on this case have brought a differing mix of opinions.  Some believe that she put her life on the line because of greed, in order to maintain her expensive home and lifestyle, others believe it was in order to give her and her children a better life.  Others say she simply paid the price for doing what can be a very dangerous occupation.  Paige was twice divorced.  She started out as a stripper at a club, which her first husband was unhappy about.  They later divorced.  Then she married a wealthy patron of the club she worked at, hence the luxury home, but they too, later divorced.  Both men were eliminated from Police enquiries.  At the end of the day, she was a victim of some violent nutcase and that is very wrong.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Death of Gary "Mr Big" Thompson

There has long been rivalry over the selling of fast foods and such, which has led to outbreaks of violence and intimidation.  From the days of barrow boys selling hot dogs at night-time, to selling ice cream in the capitals, it can be a lucrative business.  The ice cream wars centred on having the whip hand, particularly in London, where unscrupulous vendors fleece the tourists.  One vendor, described by the media as being "big & tough" stood up to rivals armed with firearms, attempting to intimidate him out of his pitches.  Nowadays, ice creams vans are used as fronts for drug selling.  But one man rose above his rivals to become the "King of the hot dog business" and made a substantial living from it.  This was Gary "Mr Big" Thompson.  He started in the business at 12 working from his fathers` hot dog barrow.  Years later, he had vans attending events all around the country.

    Not everything ran smoothly for him.  He was convicted of assault on a business rival in 1978 and fined.  In the 1980`s he was imprisoned for a VAT fraud.  But it was over the August Bank Holiday weekend in 1990 that Thompson ran into a very serious situation.  He had all his vans out over the weekend and on the Monday, he and his assistant, John Weston, were ambushed outside the Thompson home in Oadby, in the Midlands.  They had collected all the takings from the vans, which had returned to the depot in Leicester, and drove to Thompson's` home.  It was there that they were ambushed by two men, one with a gun.  Both Thompson and Weston were shot to death.  Later, two men were charged with murder.  One was Terence Burke, who claimed that Thompson knew about the robbery and that it was an insurance fraud.  Burke claimed there was no intention to kill anybody but Thompson`s large guard dog.  The other man charged was Warren Slaney.  His alibi was that he was at a party and produced numerous witnesses but he and Burke were convicted.

    Warren Slaney has spent twenty two years protesting his innocence and his family have run a campaign to have his conviction overturned.  The evidence they present is that witnesses said the assailants were two large and broad men, one with a pony tail, large moustache, dark tan, but Slaney is white, 5`8" tall and weighed just nine and a half stone!  He also has had metal plates inserted into his hands which restrict the movements of his digits.  There was no forensics to link him to the crime.  His home was searched FOUR times but absolutely nothing was found.  A witness gave evidence that she falsified a statement to Police.  All this was ignored by the Jury, his family say.  Burke claimed that Slaney threatened him in jail, whilst on remand but was any proof of this presented?  Such a claim could help a jury convict a person.  But is Warren Slaney guilty or innocent?  I do not know, but the Slaney family keep their campaign running and will not give up.  A point to ponder;  if the witnesses are right and it was two big broad men, it brings to mind how more than two dozen witnesses who saw the car of murder victim Hilda Murrell being driven by a big, broad shouldered man aged 25 - 40, got it so wrong because the "actual" driver was 5` tall, skinny, aged 16, who could not drive.  Funny that!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

New England Murder - Krista Dittmeyer

Sometimes it is very hard for me to feel sympathy for a murdered drug pusher, and in this case, Krista Dittmeyer was one, though people could argue that she was selling only marijuana.  But that is illegal, and at the end of the day, murder is very illegal.  Krista was murdered for her stash of weed and whatever money she had on her.  One of the three men involved in the murder, was a friend to her!  With friends like that, who needs enemies!  Krista, 20, was from Portland in Maine, and was invited over by her "friend" Michael Petelis, to his apartment in Ossipee, New Hampshire.  With him in his apartment was Anthony Papile and Trevor Ferguson.  Ferguson was invited over by Papile, with a view to making a bit of money.  Some petrol money, other monies, and some marijuana.  He was given some cocaine.  When Krista arrived at Petelis` apartment block and made her way up the stairs, she was struck with a club wielded by Papile.  The Pathologist later found three gaping wounds to her head.

    Papile dragged her body to the laundry area where he bound it completely with duct tape and then loaded her body into the boot of her own car.  Her 14 month old daughter was strapped into a car seat on the back seat.  It was 22nd April 2011.  Papile drove her car to Cranmore Mountain , North Conway, whilst Ferguson and Petelis followed in a pick up truck.  They soon lost sight of him but kept in contact by cell phone.  This was to be crucial evidence later.  Whe Ferguson and Petelis arrived, the Nissan belonging to Krista had it`s lights still on and the engine running.  The child was unharmed, still strapped into the car seat.  Papile had already dumped the body into a snowmaking pond.  Police found the car with the child safe but no sign of Krista.  Her body was discovered on April 27th.  Cause of death was determined to be through cold weather submersion, meaning that she was still alive when put in the pond.  Kristas` blood was found in the boot.

    Petelis, in his first Police interview, denied meeting her but cell phone records showed his texts, times and locations.  The cell phone records of Papile showed he was in North Conway at the relevant time.  The murder weapon was found by New Hampshire Fish & Game divers, in an overflow channel for the Bearcamp River and Ossipee Lake, which was very close to Petelis` apartment block.  Papile was convicted of murder and sentenced to 50 years.  For Cons[piracy to Rob, Ferguson received 7 years, whilst Petelis cut a deal with prosecutors that will see him serve 27 and a half years for 2nd degree murder, provided he meets certain conditions, otherwise he serves 35 years plus.  Does anybody seriously believe a small time weed pusher will be rolling in money?  It beggars belief the stupidity of people, and this resulted in a brutal death and three jailed, just for a bit of marijuana and cash.

Monday, 4 August 2014

New England Murder - Pamela Brown

This unsolved New England murder was finally closed after 27 years through DNA evidence, which helped secure the conviction of one Theodore Caron in 2010.  Pamela Brown, 18, was last seen on July 17th 1982 in the company of Caron but then she vanished.  Caron was questioned by Police but they had no evidence to hold him and so he was released.  He gave an alibi for the time of the murder and denied knowing her.  The body of Pamela was found in a wooded area behind St. Monica`s School in Barre, Vermont.  Swabs taken in a post mortem were kept but after nearly three decades, it was thought that the DNA might be much too old to get a clear and precise biological profile.  With the advances in forensics, it was possible and in February 2009, Caron was charged with the murder of Pamela Brown.  His DNA was in the database and he acquired a drink driving conviction.  He was questioned again in 2008 and this time he admitted knowing her, but "only for five minutes."

    Caron, 47, pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder after the recent conviction of Howard Godfrey had shown that despite the age of samples, they can still be positive proof against an individual, so he struck a deal.  He was sentenced to 15 to 35 years.  Caron is thought to be a serial killer with his name linked to a possible 6 victims, but nothing has been proven on these cases, but at least he is off the streets for a long time.

New England Murder - Patricia Scoville

A campaign to introduce a new law helped solve this cold case murder of a young woman who just went out for a bicycle ride and a quiet walk.  The campaigners were the parents of victim Patricia Scoville, who was viciously raped then murdered in October 1991.  The campaign by the Scoville family was for a state wide DNA database, in Vermont, that eventually led Police to the killer, Howard Godfrey.  Naturally, there were the opponents of this law screaming privacy and civil liberties, but then again, as I have pointed out numerous times, these people do not care one iota about victims.  These cunts would rather have killers roam free than have their "civil liberties violated."   The permanent violation of the civil liberties of Patricia Scoville do not matter.  She is entitled to be a victim.  She is nowhere as important to these cunts as a criminal!

    Patricia was 28 years old, a graduate of Cornell Universities` College of Human Ecology, and had moved to Stowe in Vermont on 1st October 1991.  She had found herself employment, was sharing an apartment with friend Annette Dickson until she sorted out her own apartment.  She was an avid skier and hiker, and liked to walk about the trails used by hikers.  She had grown up in New York state, and was enthusiastic about the direction her life was taking.  She left the apartment on Mountain Road, Stowe, and rode her bicycle to the bank to sort out a cheque, then was to cycle to Moss Glen Falls and have a quiet walk.  She left the bank at 1.45pm and then vanished.  When she failed to return, Annette made checks at hospitals but drew a blank, so she reported her missing to Police.  They conducted a search that lasted for six days but, they too , drew a blank.

    There was a change to the search when a cadet from Norwich University came across a body covered in leaves and branches.  It was Patricia.  It would be 14 years before the killer was found.  Officers such as Detective Bruce Merriman from Stowe Police and Lieutenant Myles Heffernan from Vermont State Police, plus officers from the FBI, never gave up hope that one day, he would be caught.  The parents of Patricia started a vigorous campaign for a state wide DNA database which was eventually passed as law.  Now they hoped that it would lead to the killer as he left DNA evidence in her body.  Incredibly, it was five years before the DNA profile was entered into the database, but within days, the FBI had a match to Howard Godfrey. It came about because he was jailed for attacking a woman named Karen Kerin in 1996, and before he was released, he had to give a sample.  Police decided to get more evidence before arresting him through discarded cigarettes, to confirm his DNA.  When arrested in 2005, he said that he had sex with Patricia but did not kill her.  The Jury did not believe him and he was sentenced in 2008 to life without parole.  In December 2013, he died in prison of natural causes.  He was 67. 

    The debate about a national DNA database will run and run but would I voluntarily go on it?  Yes, I would.  I have nothing to hide or fear.  If we ever get one, no doubt there are many, many, crimes that would be solved, and the civil liberty & human rights cunts will be crying into their cornflakes about the people who would finally be accountable for their crimes.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

"Buckwheats" - A Sadistic Way To Die

The term "Buckwheats" is used to describe how in organised crime circles a victim is made to die.  The death is slow and gruesome.  Torture is an essential ingredient, applied for either a specific "crime" or the torturer is simply sadistic.  One of the most well known buckwheats killing, was that of a man called Leo Foreman.  He suffered at the hands of psychotic Chicago loan shark "Mad "Sam DeStefano, who had a cellar converted into a soundproof torture chamber.  He ordered his men to shoot Foreman in certain parts of his body, to cause severe pain but not to kill him.  Pieces of his flesh were torn from his body.  DeStefano loved to extend the suffering as must as possible before the victim mercifully died.  Two of his torturers were Charles "Chuckie" Ctrimaldi, who later turned on DeStefano and became a federal witness and Tony Spilotro, portrayed in the film "Casino" by Joe Pesci.  In the film "Casino" a guy is tortured over a shooting up of a mob run bar, and had his head crushed in a vice.  In reality, it happened to two criminals in Chicago in the early 60`s.  Their bodies were found in the boot of a car.  The reason for their gruesome deaths, was thought to be failure to pay the "street tax," a levy extracted from all villains to be kicked back to the Outfit.

    Various mobsters have suffered this treatment over the years but it was given to a woman, simply as a warning to her boyfriend.  Nick Circella was serving a sentence and it was feared that he may turn to authorities to make a deal for an early release.  Allegedly on the orders of Chicago mob boss "Tony "Joe Batters" Accardo, an example had to be made to dissuade him of any such thoughts.  His girlfriend, Estelle Carey, a croupier, was seized in her own apartment and tied to a chair.  One of the men there, allegedly, was a violent and greatly feared gangster named Marshall Caifano.  Miss Carey was given a beating resulting in a broken nose, then tortured, she was stabbed a number of times, had her throat cut, and then if things could not get worse, she had petrol poured on her and set ablaze.  it was thought that she would have revealed details about where Circella had hidden money extorted from unions working in the film industry.

    Tales in books and films speak about victims being suspended from meat hooks.  This has happened.  One recipient was a Chicago loan shark named Willie Jackson.  He put his life on the line when he turned informer.  For years, he carried on with his loan sharking, indulged in other areas of crime but eventually, things turned extremely grim for him.  He was taken a meat factory where his 21 stone body was suspended from a meat hook.  Over time, he was stabbed, wounded, beaten with bats and had a cattle prod rammed up his anus.  The torturers were Fiore Buccieri & Jack Cerone.  Details of what happened emerged after phone taps caught the killers bragging and joking about what occurred.  It really makes a nonsense of claims frequently made that women "are left alone" - a load of crap beloved of the London Underworld of the 1950`s to 1970`s.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Contract Killers - Chris "Rent-a- Kill" Flannery

Christopher Dale Flannery alias "Mr rent - a Kill" was a notorious contract killer that flitted between Melbourne & Sydney, but is officially listed as dead, though nobody has come forward with definitive proof as to who killed him and where his body is.  Flannery was a greatly feared individual who took up killing because being a bouncer bored him.  This earned him the title of "Rent - a Kill."  The TV series "Underbelly" depicted him as being shot with a machine gun but this is only one of the theories floating about.  Flannery was born in Brunswick, Melbourne, in 1948, left school and started having some run-ins with Police.  He had his first conviction at 17 and it was nothing trivial.  The charges ran from housebreaking, car theft, assault on Police, possession of firearms, to rape.  He received 7 years.  Did he get lucky?

    After release, in 1974, he was suspected of a robbery of a store in Perth, with two others, and was later arrested in Sydney by that notoriously corrupt cop, Roger Rogerson, and bribed their way out.  They were later extradited to Perth to stand trial on the robbery charge and were subsequently acquitted.  Flannery was arrested in Victoria on a warrant for - rape! - and received another jail sentence.  Coming out of jail, he got employment as a bouncer at Mickey`s Disco in St Kilda, Melbourne.  This soon bored him and deciding on a job change, he turned from throwing punches to pulling a trigger.  For a fee.  Mr Rent - a - Kill was born.

    Some of his victims have allegedly been the Barrister Roger Wilson, which seen Flannery charged with his murder in August 1980, alongside Mark Clarkson & Kevin Williams.  The following year, in October, all three were acquitted.  Flannery was immediately arrested by New South Wales for the murder of a Sydney brothel owner Ray Locksley at Menai in May 1979.  The trial in 1982 resulted in a hung jury unable to agree, so a retrial was ordered for April 1984.  This saw Flannery walk yet again.  Now Flannery took up being a bodyguard for top Sydney villain George Freeman.  Gang war broke out amongst factions in the city which Flannery relished, which according to top villain Neddy Smith, Flannery became paranoid and was shooting at anything and anybody.  Smith again, claims that Sydney Police attempted to organise a truce amongst the participants, but this was made extremely difficult by the actions of Flannery.

    Then Police had to step in hard after the attempted murder of a drugs squad Sergeant, Mick Drury.  On |June 6th 1984, he was shot and wounded, allegedly by Flannery.  A friend, Alan Williams, claimed that bribery and sorting out murder contracts was going on between Flannery & Rogerson, but nothing came of this.  27th January 1985, saw the home of Flannery get shot up by an assailant with a rifle.  He was wounded in the hand as he pushed his wife out of the way.  Tom Domican was convicted of this crime but this was overturned on appeal.  Another alleged victim of Flannery was a man called Tony Eustace.  On 23rd April 1985, he was found by two children with six bullets in his back.  Rushed to hospital, he died but not before refusing to say a word to Police.  Flannery received a call from his boss, Freeman, telling him to come to a meeting.  His car failed to start so he hired a taxi.  That was the last seen of him.  Neddy Smith claimed to have seen Flannery get into a Police car with cops he recognised, indicating that they volunteered to take him to see Freeman but killed him instead.  No proof of this has surfaced and as ever, such claims have to be taken with a pinch of salt as whatever villains say, usually is self serving.