Monday, 4 August 2014

New England Murder - Pamela Brown

This unsolved New England murder was finally closed after 27 years through DNA evidence, which helped secure the conviction of one Theodore Caron in 2010.  Pamela Brown, 18, was last seen on July 17th 1982 in the company of Caron but then she vanished.  Caron was questioned by Police but they had no evidence to hold him and so he was released.  He gave an alibi for the time of the murder and denied knowing her.  The body of Pamela was found in a wooded area behind St. Monica`s School in Barre, Vermont.  Swabs taken in a post mortem were kept but after nearly three decades, it was thought that the DNA might be much too old to get a clear and precise biological profile.  With the advances in forensics, it was possible and in February 2009, Caron was charged with the murder of Pamela Brown.  His DNA was in the database and he acquired a drink driving conviction.  He was questioned again in 2008 and this time he admitted knowing her, but "only for five minutes."

    Caron, 47, pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder after the recent conviction of Howard Godfrey had shown that despite the age of samples, they can still be positive proof against an individual, so he struck a deal.  He was sentenced to 15 to 35 years.  Caron is thought to be a serial killer with his name linked to a possible 6 victims, but nothing has been proven on these cases, but at least he is off the streets for a long time.