Sunday, 17 August 2014

Views From The Soapbox

Every so often I like to air some views about points of crime & detection, Policing, and even political points, so today I offer my opinions on several topics.  The first is a report about claims of damages against the Metropolitan Police after it was revealed that two undercover officers had married and raised families with the women they were supposed to have been spying on.  Due to it being still fought in court, I cannot comment specifically on the case, but will take a general view of the ethics.  The was a squad in place called the Demonstration Squad that operated from 1968 to 2008.  Yes, I can see that the Government and Police would want to keep a close watch on particular individuals or groups.  We have the anarchists, animal rights groups, far right troublemakers, and so on.  Infiltrating these groups will go on, and indeed, some of these are dangerous in various ways.  Some will not care who is hurt or killed, others will want to suppress any opinion that is not theirs.  Look at that hero of the Left, Lenin.  It was he who started the genocide of his own people.  Any dissenters were obliterated.  Stalin later took over this task.  Amazing, how can people who preach peace admire a man who says "you disagree with me, therefore you die!"  Animal rights protesters will harm or kill to make their points.  

    The question should be just how far should infiltrators be allowed to go?  Many of us will remember the women`s campaigners at Greenham Common.  They were perched outside a US base for a long time.  Do you remember how elements of the media, (right wing naturally) portrayed them as dole sponging lesbians and dangers to western democracy.  Just because they objected to nuclear weapons.  What lengths did the Government and police go to infiltrating this group?  How close do you get to a target?  Bedding the women would be needed, to keep up the pretence, but emotionally, where do you draw the line?  No doubt women have been used to target certain men and had no hesitation in dropping their knickers.  All for the good of the nation.  But are peace protesters, green campaigners, etc, such a danger to national security?  Then again, a 78 year old woman was.  Hilda Murrell, a world renowned rose grower and then campaigner against nuclear power.  Her abduction and murder, I believe, was carried out under the authority of the Spooks, with the actual kidnap, torture and murder, carried out by one or two cowboy, bottom of the barrel, "security companies."  At that time, anybody who disagreed with Margaret Thatcher was a danger to Britain, under orders from the Kremlin, and ready to hand over control to the country to Moscow!

    On the subject of far right organisations, we have had two demonstrations here in Bradford, carried out be the EDF - English Defence League.  The second was not as hectic as the first.  People complained that there were more Police than EDF.  I was in town when the second demonstration was going off.  There were around 700 hemmed in by Police by the bus station.  But at least order was kept by the Police, which cannot be faulted.  I remember the first one, seeing a couple of dozen vans full of cops flying down Manchester Road into the town centre.  The next time they were prepared.  What puzzles me about these extremists and racists, is why they do not hold rallies in Toxteth in Liverpool, Moss Side in Manchester & St Pauls in Bristol?  Is it because they know there REALLY would be trouble if they did, and they would be crying for Police protection?  And a number of them just might end up dead in the streets?  Years ago, on TV, there was a documentary about the far right group Combat 18, which claimed a high ranking member was in fact an infiltrator.  This is a group that has been growing around the world.  They hugely admire Hitler, yet, strangely enough, none of these troglodytes actually fit the image of the Aryan superman.  Funny that!