Monday, 4 August 2014

New England Murder - Patricia Scoville

A campaign to introduce a new law helped solve this cold case murder of a young woman who just went out for a bicycle ride and a quiet walk.  The campaigners were the parents of victim Patricia Scoville, who was viciously raped then murdered in October 1991.  The campaign by the Scoville family was for a state wide DNA database, in Vermont, that eventually led Police to the killer, Howard Godfrey.  Naturally, there were the opponents of this law screaming privacy and civil liberties, but then again, as I have pointed out numerous times, these people do not care one iota about victims.  These cunts would rather have killers roam free than have their "civil liberties violated."   The permanent violation of the civil liberties of Patricia Scoville do not matter.  She is entitled to be a victim.  She is nowhere as important to these cunts as a criminal!

    Patricia was 28 years old, a graduate of Cornell Universities` College of Human Ecology, and had moved to Stowe in Vermont on 1st October 1991.  She had found herself employment, was sharing an apartment with friend Annette Dickson until she sorted out her own apartment.  She was an avid skier and hiker, and liked to walk about the trails used by hikers.  She had grown up in New York state, and was enthusiastic about the direction her life was taking.  She left the apartment on Mountain Road, Stowe, and rode her bicycle to the bank to sort out a cheque, then was to cycle to Moss Glen Falls and have a quiet walk.  She left the bank at 1.45pm and then vanished.  When she failed to return, Annette made checks at hospitals but drew a blank, so she reported her missing to Police.  They conducted a search that lasted for six days but, they too , drew a blank.

    There was a change to the search when a cadet from Norwich University came across a body covered in leaves and branches.  It was Patricia.  It would be 14 years before the killer was found.  Officers such as Detective Bruce Merriman from Stowe Police and Lieutenant Myles Heffernan from Vermont State Police, plus officers from the FBI, never gave up hope that one day, he would be caught.  The parents of Patricia started a vigorous campaign for a state wide DNA database which was eventually passed as law.  Now they hoped that it would lead to the killer as he left DNA evidence in her body.  Incredibly, it was five years before the DNA profile was entered into the database, but within days, the FBI had a match to Howard Godfrey. It came about because he was jailed for attacking a woman named Karen Kerin in 1996, and before he was released, he had to give a sample.  Police decided to get more evidence before arresting him through discarded cigarettes, to confirm his DNA.  When arrested in 2005, he said that he had sex with Patricia but did not kill her.  The Jury did not believe him and he was sentenced in 2008 to life without parole.  In December 2013, he died in prison of natural causes.  He was 67. 

    The debate about a national DNA database will run and run but would I voluntarily go on it?  Yes, I would.  I have nothing to hide or fear.  If we ever get one, no doubt there are many, many, crimes that would be solved, and the civil liberty & human rights cunts will be crying into their cornflakes about the people who would finally be accountable for their crimes.