Tuesday, 5 August 2014

New England Murder - Krista Dittmeyer

Sometimes it is very hard for me to feel sympathy for a murdered drug pusher, and in this case, Krista Dittmeyer was one, though people could argue that she was selling only marijuana.  But that is illegal, and at the end of the day, murder is very illegal.  Krista was murdered for her stash of weed and whatever money she had on her.  One of the three men involved in the murder, was a friend to her!  With friends like that, who needs enemies!  Krista, 20, was from Portland in Maine, and was invited over by her "friend" Michael Petelis, to his apartment in Ossipee, New Hampshire.  With him in his apartment was Anthony Papile and Trevor Ferguson.  Ferguson was invited over by Papile, with a view to making a bit of money.  Some petrol money, other monies, and some marijuana.  He was given some cocaine.  When Krista arrived at Petelis` apartment block and made her way up the stairs, she was struck with a club wielded by Papile.  The Pathologist later found three gaping wounds to her head.

    Papile dragged her body to the laundry area where he bound it completely with duct tape and then loaded her body into the boot of her own car.  Her 14 month old daughter was strapped into a car seat on the back seat.  It was 22nd April 2011.  Papile drove her car to Cranmore Mountain , North Conway, whilst Ferguson and Petelis followed in a pick up truck.  They soon lost sight of him but kept in contact by cell phone.  This was to be crucial evidence later.  Whe Ferguson and Petelis arrived, the Nissan belonging to Krista had it`s lights still on and the engine running.  The child was unharmed, still strapped into the car seat.  Papile had already dumped the body into a snowmaking pond.  Police found the car with the child safe but no sign of Krista.  Her body was discovered on April 27th.  Cause of death was determined to be through cold weather submersion, meaning that she was still alive when put in the pond.  Kristas` blood was found in the boot.

    Petelis, in his first Police interview, denied meeting her but cell phone records showed his texts, times and locations.  The cell phone records of Papile showed he was in North Conway at the relevant time.  The murder weapon was found by New Hampshire Fish & Game divers, in an overflow channel for the Bearcamp River and Ossipee Lake, which was very close to Petelis` apartment block.  Papile was convicted of murder and sentenced to 50 years.  For Cons[piracy to Rob, Ferguson received 7 years, whilst Petelis cut a deal with prosecutors that will see him serve 27 and a half years for 2nd degree murder, provided he meets certain conditions, otherwise he serves 35 years plus.  Does anybody seriously believe a small time weed pusher will be rolling in money?  It beggars belief the stupidity of people, and this resulted in a brutal death and three jailed, just for a bit of marijuana and cash.