Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Murder of Kathryn Harms

Kathryn Harms had the misfortune to befriend a psycho bitch who slowly, over a period of a week, drugged and beat her, then dragged her helpless victim from a car and cold bloodedly murdered her.  Kathryn, 34, had split from her husband and divorced, but they had a son, who lived with his father.  For once, his mother failed to show when she was to see him.  This particular day was her son`s birthday, and her mysterious non-appearance sparked concern.  A body of a woman was found on November 10th 1995 in the Far North Bicentennial Park in Anchorage, Alaska.  Her throat had been cut and she had been stabbed in the chest.  Diligent detective work had led them to a motorcycle gang that she had hung around with.  A claim had been made that Kathryn had been assaulted by one of the gang, but detectives had no proof that anything untoward had happened between Kathryn and any of the gang.  Details had been provided by a room-mate of hers called Maureen Malloy.

    Detectives received a huge break when they were called by a woman from Washington, who said a box had been sent to her, asking for the contents to be destroyed.  There was a backpack and a knife.  The backpack belonged to Kathryn, and the knife was established as the murder weapon.  The box had been sent by Maureen Malloy.  Arrested, she blamed her friend, Carrie Rondell as initially, being responsible.  Carrie Rondell crumbled and told Police the whole story.  The motive for the murder was that Malloy suspected Kathryn of telling her ex-husband, she had stolen some of his guns.  Also, it was claimed that Kathryn was a Government informant, as she worked for them.  

    She did.  She worked for the Forestry Service.  Not exactly at the forefront of fighting organised crime.  Rondell, who testified against Malloy and received 5 years for being an accessory, said Malloy gave Kathryn alcohol laced with muscle relaxants, and leaving her completely helpless.  Over the course of a week, she beat, starved and kept plying Kathryn with drugs, in their motel room.  Then she dragged her out to her car, drove off to the park, then pulled her from the car.  She proceeded to cut her throat, then plunge the knife into her chest.  In court, she admitted all she told Police were lies.  She got her just desserts.  Two 99 sentences.  She has to serve 53 years before she can even be considered for parole.  I say, GOOD!