Sunday, 31 August 2014

Kenneth Noye - Double Killer

Kenneth James Noye was a high level criminal who played both sides of the law, was involved in the deaths of two men, and is currently incarcerated in jail.  What truly brought him down was the killing of 21 year old Steve Cameron on a slip road of the M25, after a road rage incident.  Born in Bexleyheath on May 24th 1947, he was apparently the apple of his mothers` eye, but his criminality started at a very young age, 5, when he was caught going through a till at a Woolworths store.  At school, he was a nasty and violent bully, graduating to extorting dinner money from other pupils.  One former acquaintance at school described him as "vile."  It is common for children who are indulged and are excused their actions because parents put up blinkers - the Krays are a perfect example of this - and these kids grow up to be violent, some kill, and they do what they do because mummy & daddy, mummy in particular, will mollycoddle them, saying that really they are wonderful children!

    After leaving school, his penchant for criminality was still there and was involved in stealing bicycles and altering their appearance. This is known as "ringing."  It earned him a stay in Borstal but it was through this that he caught the eye of a legal secretary, whom he later married.  Noye now getting older, in order to further himself, became an informer, grassing up rivals to the Flying Squad.  He became a Freemason when he was proposed by two men - both cops!  He gradually rose to become master of his lodge.  This position of power was very useful to him as members would be expected to let the boss know if anything concerning him was being planned.  Freemasonry is rife in the Police, and it is never revealed how many cops openly associate with known criminals.  There is no doubt in my mind that a brother Mason, especially a Master, comes way before being a cop or the suffering of a victim.

    He started up a haulage firm, but was never far from crime.  He was involved in smelting the huge gold haul that was robbed from Brink`s Mat in November 1983.  Police mounted a covert surveillance on Noye at his home, which went horribly wrong.  DC John Fordham, dressed completely in black, was confronted by Noye after lots of barking from his dogs.  DC Fordham was stabbed nearly a dozen times.  This willingness to freely use a knife would re-emerge 12 years later.  Put on trial for murder, Noye was acquitted on the grounds of self defence, despite the numerous wounds and that a number were allegedly in the back of the officer.  No amount of friends at the Lodge would protect him from now on.  He was jailed for his part in the handling of the gold and VAT fraud, earning him a lengthy sentence.  Another defendant, John "Goldfinger" Palmer, a timeshare seller, was acquitted.  Palmer would later come back into the Noye saga.

    Noye was released from prison in 1994, and whilst inside, he had a confiscation order made against him for £3,000,000, by loss adjusters for Brinks Mat.  A scandal blew up over the South East Regional Crime Squad, and one officer, John Donald, was jailed for 11 years for corruption.  He was feeding information to Noye.  Then on May 19th 1996, a road rage incident on a slip road to the M25, a young man named Stephen Cameron was stabbed to death by another motorist.  Noye then disappeared.  He was allegedly helped by Palmer to escape abroad.  Then newspapers broke a story that Police were hunting for Noye.  Many months passed before a tip came in that Noye was in a particular part of Spain.  Two officers went incognito, as there was no official warning to Spanish Police about them going there.  They did identify that it was Noye.  Arrangements were made to fly Danielle Cable, Stephen`s girlfriend and witness to the killing, to Spain, where she positively identified him.  Noye was arrested and later extradited.  He stood trial and was convicted of murder.  Danielle stood up in court and testified as to what happened.  She has been given a new identity and protection.  Noye has alleged to have put out a £300,000 contract on her and offered up to £5,000,000 to other criminals if they could spring him from jail.  Despite his enormous wealth, he was incredibly granted Legal Aid for his trial and appeal, which resulted in the dismissal of one man and the severe reprimand for another, involved in the Legal Aid process.

    Yet again, a point raises it`s ugly head over the role of informers.  If they are so despised by the Underworld, why was Noye allowed to get away with it for so long?  I think the truth is, as long as individual villains are not dropped in it by the informer, then they do not bother them.  Many major villains co-operate with Police, as it is always to their agenda.  People can get away with every type of crime, yet it seems not to bother villains as to why.  I think that all this guff about "grasses being hated" is just a smokescreen perpetuated by leading villains, as they themselves are not adverse to helping cops get a nuisance out of the way.  Plus, it avoids un-necessary publicity and cops focusing more clearly on events.