Saturday, 16 August 2014

Great News! Another Pusher Jailed!

This case is a touch different as the pusher is not jailed for drugs but for murder. What brought it on was the victim tried to pull a con on the pusher, by handing him rolls of paper rather than paper cash.  The response was predictable.  The pusher, Jake Austin, 25, drove his car at the two men who had approached him for heroin & cocaine.  The men, 33 year old John O`Donoghue and Aaron Eldridge attempted to get out of the way of the car hurtling at them.  Eldridge managed to avoid the car but O`Donoghue was struck, and he hit the windscreen with his head.  He died from his injuries.  This incident happened in Gillingham, Kent.   Austin, from Eltham in South London, was charged with murder but denied it.  Austin was convicted and sentenced to a minimum of 18 years.  Good.

    What I cannot understand is how they thought they would get away with it!  Surely people have woken up to the fact that these parasites are not "good buddies" to anybody but the worst type of capitalist there is.  They do not give a fuck about anything except the money.  When you want drugs, you hand over the EXACT amount.  There are no favours.  When you think back to the so-called "counter culture" of the late 60`s / early 70`s, these middle class wankers thought that businessmen were the epitome of capitalism.  Yet if you look at how pushers and suppliers operate, how can anybody say they are different to these businessmen.  They are worse.  Oh, how ironical for the "radicals" to look upon pushers admiringly yet refuse to see that they embody the principle they "despise."  

    Readers will have noticed that I never call them "dealers."  I call them what they have always been called; pushers.  It is like the term "taxing" when thieves rob from other thieves.  They were called ponces or "thieves ponces" & I still use that old term to describe them.  I believe that anybody who wants drugs legalised, should be compelled by law to take in a registered addict.  They are also compelled to be criminally and FINANCIALLY responsible for them.  Imagine middle class cunts like Marks & Fielding having to take in dirty working class, council estate, scumbag junkies into their homes.  Having their property stolen and - gulp! - putting their hands into their pockets so the junkie can go grovelling to the pusher.  Oh, the irony.  You may think that I have an agenda when it comes to drugs.  You`re right.  I do.  I would like to see my stepson living in the homes of Marks, Fielding and the like.  It would not take very long to have them screaming in despair.  Again, oh, the irony!