Thursday, 7 November 2013

Graham Buck, Peter Halls & Len Delgatty - Victims Of a Scumbag

A big problem we have in this country and that is the total lack of guts and backbone when it comes to dealing with heinous criminals.  A good example is that of a scumbag called Ian John McLoughlin, a 55 year old TRIPLE KILLER.  The Judge was unable to pass a whole life sentence on McLoughlin due to those interfering bastards in Strasbourg, who are only interested in helping scumbags.  The victims do not matter.  These bastards are nothing to do with this country, they are not elected by us, yet, Governments turn into spineless cowards when it comes to standing up to them.  Yet another person worthy of a bag over the head and a rope around it, is given a chance to go out and kill again.  You can argue that the 40 year term given, and scumbag is 55, then he will die in jail.  I am not a pro-hanging fanatic, I believe that a minority can never be rehabilitated, they will never change, and that multiple murders deserve the ultimate punishment.

   Off the soapbox, McLoughlin killed 49 year old Len Delgatty in 1984, beating him to death with a hammer.  He received ten years for manslaughter.  Yet in 1992, he was out and stabbed to death Brighton barman Peter Halls.  Despite committing two killings, McLoughlin was considered fit for day release and in true fashion, went out to rob.  He tricked his way into the home of 86 year old Francis Cory-Wright in the village of Little Gaddesden, and demanded money and the pin number to his bank card.  Mr Wright shouted for help, which alerted neighbour Graham Buck, 66, who was stabbed in the neck by McLoughlin.  Mr Buck died.  

    No doubt Mary Riddel will think that McLoughlin should be shown compassion, yet incredibly, this piece of shit killed three people, one by hammer, two by knife.  A very, very, dirty trail, eh Mary.  Why show mercy for this shitbag, he showed none.  Should have taken him out and put a bullet in his head.