Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Murder of Ian Grant

This is an unsolved case that has been reopened after more than 15 years, after a breakthrough in forensics was revealed, and people were finally coming forward to speak to Police.  As this is apparently ongoing, I can only state facts of the case going back to the initial enquiry.  24 year old Ian Grant was a doorman, from Cherry Hinton, in Cambridgeshire, who had left his home in Speedwell Close at around 8pm.  The date was November 14th 1995.  Just after midnight, his body was found on waste ground close to the Fulbourn Hospital in Cherry Hinton.  He had been shot in the head, and it was believed that this was an underworld execution.  Two weeks previously, his girlfriend Samantha Kerslake, had her car set ablaze outside their home.

    She made an emotional appeal on TV for anybody who knows anything, to come forward.  This did not produce any leads, and it was believed that a climate of fear existed.  Later, two men stood trial at Norwich Crown Court, charged with conspiracy to murder but were both acquitted.  It was revealed that Mr Grant was in the process of setting up his own security company, and it was believed that this was the factor behind the killing.  There were bitter rivalries between security companies in the 80`s & 90`s over the running of nightclub doors, throughout the UK.  The reason for this was drugs.  You control the doors, you control the pushers going in. Many criminals have made substantial amounts from this.  A good solid door firm preventing certain persons from getting into clubs, hurts the pockets and so this has resulted in killings, gang warfare et al.  Was Mr Grant an obstacle in the way?  Police said in 2013 that the climate of fear seemed to be lifting, as laws were being passed that rigidly controlled licences being given to door firms, with vetting, criminal record checks, and regular spot checks by authorities.