Saturday, 1 March 2014

Cults - Brainwashing the Naive & Vunerable

It never ceases to amaze just how many people are taken by self-styled "gurus" or "prophets" and they end up dead, murderers, exploited or just totally fucked up in the head.  Of course we have to start in the sixties with David Berg and his "Children of God" bollocks.  Naturally, middle and upper class kids were drawn into his so-called church.  Being directionless and "wanting meaning" they were ripe for recruitment. As is the norm with these fucknuts, they get very wealthy off the backs of their converts but also have a harem of women and children at their disposal.  They are nothing but sexual predators and paedophiles.  The biggest thing that gets me is the blatant interpretations of the Bible, simply to fit in with whatever crap they preach.  Amazing isn`t it how God always communicates to THEM.  How does he do it?  Telephone? Cellphone? Text? Email? Letter?  They also bully and bluster their way around, hammering away until people believe everything that dribbles from their lips.

    Whilst they rant on about the Bible, one thing gets overlooked EVERY TIME.  That is the Ten Commandments.  A number of these they break all the time. "Thou shalt not kill" (Jones)  "Thou shalt not commit adultery" (Berg, Koresch, Jones er al)  Some of these may not have been married but great numbers of the women told to share their beds......  We could also put the times Jimmy Swaggart was caught with prostitutes.   "Thou shalt not steal" Of course this did not matter to one in the states, Jim Baker, who embezzled $40 million.  Of course, Satan was the mastermind behind this, not Baker simply being a greedy bastard.  "Thou shalt not bear false witness as thy neighbour" - unless they are black, ethnic, gay, jewish, free thinkers, etc. Re; KKK.   "thou shalt not covet thy neighbours house, wife, manservant, maidservant, ox, ass, or anything that is thy neighbours"  Again, take your pick!

    I watched a documentary about people who had escaped the clutches of Scientologists.   What a bunch of weird control freaks.  And people actually want to salute this L.Ron Hubbarb, whoever the hell he was supposed to be.  The total control of the minds and lives of people is the high point of black magic, a dark religion they all supposedly battle against.  Right.  Gospel groups are another dangerous breed as they tell people who have genuine problems, whether it is alcohol, drugs, mental health issues, etc, that they do not need medications, as God will heal them.  That`s right you sick fucks, leave others to deal with the aftermath of their "help".

    But the ultimate to me, was how Manson brainwashed his middle class followers to believe all his bollocks when in reality, I say he was the political opposite to the "counter culture" they were swept up in.  Manson was a pimp, which is no different from a pusher; a capitalist.  They want money and they do not care who suffers, so long as they get it.  He preached a race war, when the so-called "counter culture" wanted total harmony, showing that he wanted to use anybody to achieve his aims.  Like a dictator or despot.  Again, not in line with views of the "counter culture".  At first he hoped to use biker gangs as his footsoldiers, but this shows how really moronic he is.  Biker gangs do not take orders from little farts.  The girls there would have been used as sex objects.  They would have had no say in anything, whilst seeing their "prophet" quickly killed off.  They would then seen just who was giving the orders.  I recently discovered that years after the trials, some of his female followers were sending nude pictures of themselves to members of the Aryan Brotherhood, in order to interest them in Manson`s "philosophy".  Again, DUHHHH!  The AB are white supremacists, they would not follow hippies or lefties, they are hardcore right wingers.  Again, these deluded clowns would soon learn who is in charge, and they would never control hardcore AB members.  They are political and idealogical opposites.  At the time of the murders, and for years afterwards, the whole episode was viewed as "this is what the young have come to"  Great `eh?