Friday, 28 March 2014

Lisa Rene - An Innocent Victim

This horrific tale was the result of two men, who ripped off drug pushers for $5,000 worth of marijuana but were not prepared for what was to follow.  Their actions resulted in their young sister being abducted, gang raped, beaten and then buried alive.  Lisa Rene was just 16, and doing good for herself with her education, and was staying with family in Arlington, Texas.  It was September 1994.  Unbeknown to her, two of her family had ripped off some pushers from Pine Bluff And El Dorado, in Arkansas.  They were not going to let this pass and five of them travelled to Arlington, looking for revenge.  Bruce Webster, Orlando Hall, Demetrius Hall, Steven Beckley & Marvin Holloway, kept watch on the house where the brothers lived.  When they were out, they tried to break in whilst Lisa was there alone.  Their initial attempt failed, so the terrified girl called Police.  They smashed their way in with a baseball bat, and snatched the girl.  All this was heard by police.  What they did to her was truly sickening.

    They drove off, and whilst on the move, Webster & Orlando Hall took turns to rape her.  They made various stops, before travelling into Arkansas, and taking a motel room.  Here, the assaults continued, where it was decided to "get rid of her".  Webster & Hall left to dig a grave in Byrd lake Park, where they intended to take their victim, but could not locate it.  The next day, they took her out again, where this time they found it, and lisa was beaten over the head with a shovel, then buried.  a Post mortem found soil in her lungs.  She was still alive when they buried her.

    Police were already hunting them, though the brothers initially REFUSED to help the Police.  Obviously, an innocent 16 year old family member was not that important to them.  The subsequent capture of them all, was down to the FBI`s Evidence Recovery Team, who meticulously preserved evidence at the crime scene, that was later used in court, and the co-operation between different forces.  The FBI came into it because Lisa was taken across state lines.  Of the five, Bruce Webster & Orlando Hall received the death penalty.  Many years later, one of the brothers was jailed for drug offences which showed that when it comes to drugs, some people just do not give a fuck.  Nothing or NOBODY is as important as drugs.  Young Lisa had to find out in the most despicable manner.