Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Unsolved Murder of Janice Weston

This savage murder of a young successful Conveyancing Solicitor, has been given a couple of cold case reviews over the years, but still no resolution is in sight.  Janice Weston, aged 36, was on her way to her and her husbands` country house in Clopton, Northamptonshire.  Her very badly beaten body was found in a roadside ditch by the Northbound Carriageway of the A1, near Huntingdon, at the Brampton Hut Roundabout.  She had been attacked with a very heavy object.  A massive hunt by Police saw them interview 5000 people and take 12,000 statements.  Later, her blood spattered car was found in Camden, North London.  Her husband who was away on business in France at the time, returned to England to find himself being extensively grilled by the Police.

    Mr Weston spent in total, 55 hours being questioned by Police, but no action was taken by the Director of Public Prosecutions, and eventually the case ran cold.  One man who police sought had allegedly changed the tyre on Miss Weston`s car, but no trace of him was ever found.  It was in 1992, that a convicted killer told police he had dumped the body in Grafham Water.  A meticulous search of the area produced absolutely no corroboration that this ever happened, and was dismissed.  A man known as "Charles Fowler" was also sought, but this man, too, has never been traced.  Police announced another cold case review of this crime in 2013, along with five other unsolved murders, but it seems that this has again hit a brick wall.