Thursday, 13 March 2014

Anthony Bellchambers - Double Murderer

This case caused a furore with the family and friends of Linda Dolan, murdered by her boyfriend Tony Bellchambers, after it emerged he was already a convicted killer.  He murdered 40 year old mother of two Linda in 2003, in Hermitage Road in Upper Norwood, then he gassed himself in Biggin Hill, in a car.  Linda`s family had great concerns for her as she told them of the violence she was suffering at the hands of electrician Bellchambers.  Police were called out several times after Bellchambers assaulted her, but eventually, the violence of Bellchambers - 57 -went too far.  Then later, the shocking details of his past life emerged, bringing calls from Linda`s family for the law to be changed over convicted killers and when they are released.

    The first shocking piece of news was that Bellchambers had been a Policeman, until he carried out an armed robbery at a hostel, earning him a stretch in prison.  After release, he took up trade as an electrician, but it was what happened in 1984.  He was given a life sentence for organising a murder.  He discovered that his wife was having an affair with printer Norman Cleary aged 33.  This enraged him enough to plan on how to get his wife back; he offered the ex-wife of Cleary, 38 year old Mary, £1000 to have sex with her former husband, then tell his wife her boyfriend was bed hopping.  Mary completely refused saying it was disgusting.  Bellchambers decided that the only solution was to have Mr Cleary killed.  Through a third party, £10,000 was paid to 54 year old Lawrence Shirey, to carry out the murder.

    In order to establish an alibi, Bellchambers was drinking in a pub with friends on the night in question.  Shirey attacked Mr Cleary in his flat in Islington, beating him savagely over the head.  Mr Cleary lived for three weeks before succumbing to his extensive injuries.  After leaving, Shirey drove past the pub Bellchambers was in, giving two long blasts on the horn as a signal that the grisly deed was done.  But in all the best laid plans, it all fell apart and the two were arrested and charged, and convicted at the Old Bailey.  Bellchambers was considered fit for release sixteen years later in 2000.  Three years later Linda Dolan fell victim to his violence.