Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Mob - What Do You Believe?

This is a quick look at something I generally avoid, and that is the Mafia.  Does anybody believe that they were behind the assassination of JFK?  When this chestnut rears its head on screen, the finger is usually pointed at New Orleans Mob boss Carlos Marcello, with Florida`s Santo Trafficante involved as well.  "Evidence" of the involvement of Marcello comes down to the "he said...." evidence.  What I cannot fathom out is why a Mob boss, certainly as not as powerful as the five New York bosses, Buffalo, Chicago, would decide to hit the most powerful man in the world without it being sanctioned by the Commission?  After all, if this emerged, then all Law Enforcement would have been ordered to hit back very severely, which would hamper their money making, and make life difficult for them.  It is these annoying details that convince me that any talk of Marcello taking credit, is a simple exercise in exploiting a situation for your own gain.  A common device for criminals.

    The other bugbear is that old trollop J. Edgar Hoover.  What is amazing is that photos were alleged to exist showing Hoover in uncompromising situations with men, and wearing ladies clothes.  Yet, after all these years, no photo seems to have emerged.  Of course, some Mob men claimed it was true.  Jimmy Fratianno was one.  Where is this proof?  It has to be somewhere.  Again, it could be exploiting a rumour to explain why Hoover did nothing against them for years.  Could the answer be much simpler?  Was it that Hoover simply could not accept that a nationwide crime syndicate existed in the country where he was the top cop?  Being in total denial to the truth?  A book was written claiming that Hoover worked hand in glove with the Mob, giving tasks to secret operatives answerable only to him, to carry out mob hits.  Do dirty work for them, etc.  Judging by the tone of the voice of Hoover, in this book, it seems inconceivable that a man who declared war on the underworld, would be THE most compliant lap dog to criminals.  We do know that later on, he was paranoid about reds under the beds.  What is the truth about Hoover?  Maybe somebody will show the proof.  If it exists.