Thursday, 6 March 2014

Marsha Spicer & Michelle Ricci - Victims of Twisted Couple

What compels somebody to decide to sadistically torture and murder people?  Everybody and their uncle(including me!) will give our views on this subject.  It is becoming so commonplace that these people are going off it on drugs, that it no longer comes as a surprise.  Yes, that`s right.  The substances that, according to the fucknuts, do not do any harm.  Well, yet again, we come across a twisted couple who embarked on a savage course whilst digesting methamphetamine like it is going out of fashion.  As I have stated before, the legalisation fucknuts would not want these two near their homes, or especially, having their hands on the females of the house.  Oh no, how despicable.  My god, they would be forced to complain to the fuzz, the pigs, the man.  Oh the irony there.....

     Marsha Spicer aged 41 was the first victim.  She was one of those with meth problems and so could easily be manipulated by her killers.  "You do as we say, you get free meth"  Michelle Ricci, 36, fell into the same trap.  Willing to put up with all kinds of indignities, solely for the substances that do not harm anybody.  They also had to endure being filmed, but not realising that they were being lined up to be murdered.  This sick couple were Ricky Davis, 40, & Dena Dolores Riley, 38.  Davis was released from Bonne Terre prison in Missouri, on 25th May 2005, after serving nearly 18 years for rape.  He tried to claim that it was consensual and nothing should be read into the fact that he held a knife to the throat of the victim!  Davis grew up in Kansas City, and by the age of 13, was a chronic delinquent, spending much time in reform & juvenile halls.  Naturally, he gravitated to adult prisons.  He claimed to have found religion whilst inside - pause for laughter - which obviously helped in his parole application.

    Gaining his freedom, Davis actually obeyed strictly all the rules of his parole for nine months.  Nine months!  But he was developing an obsession with Asphyxiation, dominance & sadism during sex.  He wanted to strangle a woman during sex!!!  Whilst being a good boy, he trawled the Internet for websites that catered for his twisted fantasies.  His partner in crime was Dena Dolores Riley, 38, who grew up in Kansas City.  She married just weeks after graduating from Hickman Hills High School in 1985 and had three children.  Marriage and family life eventually bored her, so she started going with other men and taking drugs, something her husband could not tolerate.  He sued for divorce and was granted custody of the children.  This suited her fine.  Later she had a fourth child by another man.

    Now a woman by the name of Lorie Dunfield came into the picture.  Davis asked her to join him in having threesomes with other women, killing them, then disposing of the bodies.  Naturally, this freaked her out and she fled.  But Dena Riley didn`t.  Davis had found his partner.  A fisherman found the nude body of a woman near a creek outside Bates City in Missouri, on 15th May 2006.  She had been raped, beaten and strangled.  It was Marsha Spicer.  Upon hearing of the find, Lorie, who had known Marsha, reported the encounter with Davis to the Police.  Lafayette County Sheriff & Independence Police officers, went to their address in Truman Road.  They discovered a camera, paraphernalia on sadomasochistic sex and marijuana - violating his parole.  Incredibly, Sheriff Kerrick Alumbaugh told them to get out of the house whilst he applied for a warrant.  Officers had to watch as they drove away.  It took two visits to a judge to get the warrant.  Back at the house, a video showed the torture and murder of Marsha, then another tape was discovered showing the same result to another woman.  A still from the video was publicised in order to get identification.  This was seen by Sherry Ballew, who recognised her daughter, Michelle Ricci.  Both women had had problems with meth.

    Davis & Riley went on the run, going to St. Louis, Illinois, Perryville Missouri, kansas City, then into Kansas.  There they stopped off at the home of Davis` sister.  They went out with his sister, husband and small child.  They persuaded them to let them bring the child home later.  The child was sexually assaulted.  At first, they were going to kill her, then decided to let her live.  Topping themselves up with drugs, they drove around and got lost.  Davis actually rang 911, asking for directions so they could return the child, then were going to commit suicide by overdose.  A cop kept him talking whilst Police units raced to where they were heading.  Davis fell asleep and run the vehicle off the road.  They were apprehended.  The young girl required surgery after the assault.  In custody, they admitted killing Michelle, dumping her body, then returning to it to set it alight with fuel.  They told cops where it was.  Thankfully, they are off the streets for good.