Monday, 17 March 2014

Stephen Peter Morin - How Many Did He Kill?

Morin was a serial killer executed for three known murders but he has been linked to as many as 54!  If this is only half true, then it shows that Morin was a travelling killer, stopping off in a town or city for a few days, then hurriedly moving on.  One person whom has said that Morin wormed his way in with his mother, has stated this; all before the 3 murders he was known to have committed.  Morin waived his appeals after being convicted of the 1981 Capital Murder of Carrie Marie Scott, asking to be put to death.  The State of Texas duly obliged.  Morin is not one of those widely known multiple killers.  He was born on 19th February 1951, and is believed to have drifted around the country.  It is not known when or why he started killing.

    What is known is that he murdered Miss Scott, 21, outside a San Antonio restaurant.  He claimed she would not shut up and his gun went off.  Yeah right.  After killing her, he stole her car, making that a capital crime.  He then abducted a woman called Margaret Palm, but her persistence in talking to him, resulted in her being freed.  After his arrest, he was charged with murdering Carrie Scott, Janna Bruce in Corpus Christi, and later, Sheila Whalen of Golden, Colorado.  He decided to plead guilty to the capital charge, and later waived his appeals against his Death Sentence.  On March 13th 1985, the State of Texas executed Morin by lethal injection, only the 6th to die by that method after Texas dropped the chair.  Morin had been a heavy drug user for years, so it took technicians 40 minutes to find a usable vein.  Something for the apologists to cry about.  Looking into the background of Morin, Police believed he was possibly responsible for the murders of 7 men & 47 women.

    During his time on death row, Morin, like others, turned to God, Karla Faye Tucker is another that springs to mind, but that is mightily convenient when they are facing execution.  Of course it would impress certain people but the 6th Commandment meant nothing to them before God "came into their lives"  Yes, I am very cynical about religion, and the people who go overboard about it.  I do understand that people embrace it as a comforting part of their lives, and that they do not let it dictate their lives, but unfortunately, too many twist what is set in stone, to suit whatever bile and hatred they spew.  Personally, I think black magic is total bollocks!

    It has now emerged that Morin has been linked to 30 murders, not 54.  Wild speculation always follows when a serial killer has been caught, and the body count is usually high.  Thanks to Andy for this correction.