Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Eastbound Strangler

This is another one of the lesser known serial killers.  This person killed four women and very strategically placed them on the outskirts of Atlantic City, New Jersey.  They were found in November 2006, dumped face down in a drainage ditch.  Each one of them was placed 60 feet apart.  Was this the killer`s attempt to set the Police in a certain frame of mind, conjuring up images of them attempting to fathom out some deep psychological reason for his actions.  The ditch was close to the Golden Key Motel in the Egg Harbour Township area.  It was believed that they had all been strangled.

    The victims were 42 year old Barbara Breidor, a prostitute working the streets to pay for her crack addiction.  She vanished in October 2006.  The second victim was 20 year old Molly Dilts, who was seen just days before she too vanished.  It is not known if she was a prostitute. Next was Kim Raffo, a 35 year old erotic dancer and now prostitute, like Barbara, hustling for tricks to support her drug addiction.  The fourth victim was 22 year old Tracy Ann Roberts.  She was seen just before the bodies were discovered, as she had been hospitalised with a blow to her throat from a man who wanted to become her pimp.  With many of these women, they hustle to support their addiction to substances that obviously do not harm.  Also, some are forced onto the streets by ponces and parasites who only see only dollar signs.

    A couple of men did emerge as suspects but neither had any evidence to support it.  The first was 41 year old Terry Olsen.  He lived rent free in the Golden Key Motel, in return for handling all repairs and maintenance in the motel.  He was reported by his girlfriend after they had a violent domestic dispute.  When Police investigated, they found that Olsen had secret cameras set up, and had filmed his girlfriends` daughter undressing.  But he was cleared of any involvement in the murders, as there was no DNA or anything to connect him.  The second person of interest was Elderd Burchell, a man who apparently revelled in calling himself "The Riverman" - possibly to make people think he might be the Green River Killer, whom at that time was still at large.  A prostitute named Denise Hill named him to Police as a suspect, but they ruled him out for the same reasons as Olsen.  A link to the Long Island Serial Killings was mooted at one point but this has, too, been ruled out.  The murders remain unsolved.