Friday, 28 March 2014

Cesar Barone - Multiple Killer

Cesar Barone was a quadruple killer who terrorised Portland in Oregon in the early 1990`s.  He targeted women of varying ages, raping, strangling and shooting at least two of them.  His final victim died from a heart attack during his assault on her.  Barone struck in April 1991, when he raped and strangled 61 year old Margaret Schmidt.  Barone then kept a low profile for at least 18 months but habits die hard.  In October 1992, midwife Martha Bryant was driving home from her job at Tuality Hospital in Hillsboro, when somebody fired a number of shots into her car.  Barone then forced his way into her car where he sexually assaulted her.  However, this was not enough for him, as he dragged her from her car and callously shot her in the head.

    Now Barone stepped up his attacks. In Portland, he attacked Chantee Woodman, 23, subjecting her to a savage beating, following up with a sexual assault, and then he cold bloodedly shot her in the head.  Her body was found dumped by U.S.26, near Vernonia.  His next victim was 51 year old Betty Williams.  He attacked her in her apartment and started sexually assaulting her, but Miss Williams suffered a fatal heart attack during the ordeal.  Police quickly arrested him and were able to link him to the four murders.  For the assault on miss Williams, he received 89 years but received the death sentence for the other three.

    Barone, before and since, did have a great record when it came to women.  At the age of 19, he was suspected of the rape and murder of a 71 year old neighbour.  She had been strangled.  He had not long served two years in Juvenile Detention, for an assault on the same woman.  Whilst currently incarcerated, he has attacked a female Corrections Officer, and once jailed in Florida, he shared a cell with that great lover and protector of women, Ted Bundy.  makes you wonder what they spent their time talking about?