Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Heather Stephenson-Snell - Deluded Killer

No matter how well educated or qualified a person can be, they can still carry out acts that defy logic.  They can even commit crimes that go against their teaching or training.  Heather Stephenson-Snell is a great point in question.  She was a trained Psychotherapist, yet, for all her training, that went straight out of the window when she became a spurned woman in 2004.  She became a stalker and then a killer.  But her victim was a person in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The story began when 46 year old Stephenson advertised for a dog sitter, whilst she ran her clinic.  Her advert was answered by 44 year old Adrian Sinclair.  They became lovers but as quickly, Adrian Sinclair, decided against continuing.  Stephenson did not think he was suitable for her dog requirements, as she left for a trip to New York.  The relationship ended and Mr Sinclair started seeing Diane Lomax aged 38.  This drove her to try to sabotage their relationship.

    Police started receiving messages that the pair were paedophiles.  The couple also received threatening phone calls, death threats, and threats to burn their homes down.  Unbeknown to them, Stephenson began getting shooting lessons, and meticulously planning the assassination of Diane Lomax.  She planned escape routes, and kept Miss Lomax`s home under surveillance.  A nice little hobby for somebody supposedly trained to help people.  It was on Halloween that Stephenson put her plan into action.  Wearing a white cloak and a "Scream" mask, she started banging on the door of Miss Lomax.  Stephenson was carrying a sawn off shotgun.  Luckily for Miss Lomax, she could see this figure through a peephole and knew it was and so kept the door locked.  The racket brought out a neighbour to investigate the noise, 43 year old Robert Wilkie.  Stephenson shot him at point blank range, then escaped.  Mr Wilkie died.  Police quickly arrived, and a call was put out.  Stephenson was stopped on the M62 motorway driving into Yorkshire, as she was driving very slowly.  A search of the car produced the weapon and she was under arrest.  She was convicted of murder and sentenced to a minimum of 22 years.

    One point that a number of newspapers got wrong was that Stephenson had formed her own all-girl motorcycle gang, and that it was referred to as a woman`s chapter of the Hells Angels.  Well, quite frankly, that is never going to happen, and for decades in Britain, any unruly bikers have been referred to as HA.  For starters, there are only 17 HA chapters in England & Wales, mostly down south, with only two in the north of England; Manchester & Tyne & Wear.  These 17 clubs are officially chartered by the mother chapter in the USA, Oakland, and the name and trademark is very rigidly protected around the world.