Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Death of Hilda Murrel PT2

Further to my post on this case, I had the opportunity to read a most revealing book by her nephew Robert Greene, a man who worked in Naval Intelligence, but not, as reported in some quarters as serving on the submarine that sank the Argentine Cruiser the General Belgrano, during the Falklands War, or even commanding it.  Mr Greene reveals all what is known about the case and the behaviour of the Police over the case.  Mr Greene gives his opinions on who was involved in the abduction and murder of his aunt.  I would like to post a couple of my thoughts.

    Mr Greene spoke about phone tapping, mail interception, and obvious secret surveillance, along with intimidation of people who refused to the follow the line of thought that was being given to them by authorities.  I agree that the spooks (MI5) would be the people behind this, but I do not think they were responsible for the abduction and murder of Miss Murrel.  There were far too many people seen out and about the immediate vicinity, and the same cars kept being seen by witnesses.  This would be too shoddy and tenth rate for security services, so my belief is that probably some were people working for the nuclear industry, with one or two bottom of the barrel "security" firms brought in.  These would be protected by the spooks as far as they could but if the shit hit the fan, they would, in the immortal words of Mission Impossible, "Disavow any knowledge of their actions".

    Mr Greene spoke of attacks on people who supported him.  One woman was actually assaulted a couple of times and even raped!  This smacks of a "security" company staffed by criminals.  Remember, in a programme, TV reporter Roger Cook told of a security company operated by a convicted sex offender.  So it is certainly possible that a rogue firm was brought in.  How would a thug react to being given a green light to do whatever he wanted?  He would think he was in a sweet shop!  He is basically licenced to act like 007.  Licenced to kill.  Some facts to remember about the case; numerous witnesses saw her car being driven by a big broad shouldered man aged 25 - 40.  Miss Murrel was found in a wooded area that had already been searched by a man checking out trees that were going to be cut down.  The "explanation" for him not seeing a body right in front of him was that he was too busy looking up at the trees!  Believe that and you believe in Santa Claus!!!  A man was convicted years later for the murder.  He was just 16 at the time, 5ft tall and scrawny, and unable to drive any vehicle.  All those witnesses obviously were wrong in their observations.  How could they put ten to twenty years on him, greatly increase his height and build, and transform him into a driver?  There are cases that simply will never die; the A6 murder, Derek Bentley, Stephen Lawrence, and others.  This is one as well.  Good luck to Mr Greene in getting to the truth.