Sunday, 2 March 2014

Joanna Dennehy - Serial Killer

This case was just finally put to rest with a twisted woman from Peterborough being given a whole life sentence - something to upset the whingers and apologists and scumbag outfits like Liberty.  Joanna Dennehy, inside a two week spree, she stabbed to death three men in ten days, then tried to murder two more.  Why?  Because she wanted to see how it felt to kill.  She had the assistance of three men to help her with the crimes and disposing of the bodies.  They were jailed alongside her. She made a big joke out of it when arrested and in court.  Of course, she was not facing standing on a trapdoor with a bag over her head and a rope around her neck, so yes, it can be treated as a joke.

    Seven foot plus accomplice Gary Stretch 48, received a minimum of 19 years for two attempted murders and three counts of preventing a burial.  Leslie Layton 36, received 14 years and Robert moore 56, received 3 years.  In this short post, let us NOT forget the names of the victims Kevin Lee 48, Lukasz Slaboszewski 31, John Chapman 56, and the two survivors, John Rogers & Robin Bereza.