Friday, 7 March 2014

The Real Yorkshire Ripper Saga

This tale is about a man from the Republic of Ireland whom has been claiming for many years that Peter Sutcliffe was merely a copycat killer and that the real killer was a man from the ROI named Billy Tracey.  This man is Noel O'Gara, and he published a book about it in ROI, free from libel laws of Britain, and has come very unstuck with some of his claims.  I agree that Sutcliffe may not have committed all 13 known murders, but I believe he has done most of them, plus many more attacks.  That is my opinion, which is not fact but speculation.  He believes that Joan Harrison, murdered in Preston in 1975, was a victim of Tracey.  DNA proved in 2011 that the killer was a man named Smith who died in 2008.  No doubt this is a case of cops stitching up a dead man because the whole saga is a very bad can of worms.  

    Another case is that the hoax tape sent to police which sent them in a totally wrong direction, letting the real killer go free.  Years after, Chief Superintendent Chris Gregg, gave the envelopes the letters were sent in, a final analysis for DNA, as techniques had vastly improved.  They got a match on the database, which threw up John Humble, a man from Wearside, matching the accent on the tape.  A dialect expert even managed to pinpoint the area the man came from.  Humble was convicted and jailed for 8 years.  Mr O'Gara then claimed that Chris Gregg had stitched up Humble.  Another plot by the dastardly Police trying their best to cover up for the real killer, no doubt. Mr O'Gara claimed that the tape was sent by Tracey, who apparently was a master of dialects!  Humble has since admitted sending the letters and the tape.  The claim of a stitch up cost Mr O'Gara £50,000 plus costs in a libel suit brought by Chris Gregg.

    Looking at various forums, I was surprised to see Mr O`Gara`s name in the defence of Ronald Castree, the man convicted in 2007 of the 1975 sex murder of young Lesley Molseed, on the moors.  You can actually see the murder spot from the M62 as you drive past Windy Hill, towards Huddersfield.  He claims that Lesley was murdered by Sutcliffe.  Advances in DNA testing on her clothes brought a hit on the database; Ronald Castree.  I don`t know about you but has it struck(sorry) anybody that Sutcliffe had a predilection for young girls?  Castree did.  He was swabbed for a sex attack that no charges were brought.  His former wife spoke out about a sick obsession with schoolgirls, his son spoke about the violence he constantly dished out to the family.  Of course, they could have been briefed by the plod before cameras rolled.  Do you believe that? I certainly don`t.

    Topping it all off, how did this start?  To quote from his book generally, Police were looking for a bearded, stocky man.  A psychological profile of the man was given, which instantly made him realise who they were looking for.  So Billy Tracey is the only bearded, stocky man with these twisted traits.  Right.  He must be the most unique man in the entire British Isles!  The Sutcliffe saga will always run because my belief is that it is bigger than the original investigation, but that is my opinion.  I almost did run into Mr O`Gara one day.  He had arranged to meet a guy in Bradford Library, who asked at the desk if he had arrived.  I had a quick word with this man then left, then seeing a well dressed man go up to this man inside. Mr O`Gara does have some good points, in that they very quickly scaled down the investigation, but I think the finding of the hammer and screwdriver clinched it.  We remember seeing Ronald Gregory & Oldfield with big grins on their faces, but the sad fact is, he was local, as surviving victims said he had a local accent, perfectly fitted photofits, had connections to the £5 note found on Jean Jordan, was constantly seen in red light areas, and not just Bradford`s.  Sorry Mr O`Gara but we will have to agree to disagree if you read this.