Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Colonial Parkway Killer

This is another of the unknown and unsolved serial killer cases that proliferate the USA.  Yet, multiple murder is a extremely serious and heinous crime but some cases just do not attract the national media attention as one of the "name" cases.  This series of grisly murders happened over a three year period in the state of Virginia.  Each of the four double murders, were of young couples, in the same vein of most of the Zodiac killings.  No, I do not believe the Zodiac had switched his base.  This is somebody preying on young people.  The first victims were a gay couple, Cathleen Thomas 27, and Rebecca Dowski, 21.  They were discovered in the back of their vehicle, a Honda Civic, that had been sent down an embankment, by a jogger.  This was by the York River, a few miles away from Williamsburg in Virginia.  The Police discovered that they had been bound, strangled and then had their throats cut.  Their possessions, along with money, were still in the car.  This ruled out robbery as a motive.  Their bodies had also had diesel fuel poured over them but obviously, the killer decided not to burn them.  The date was October 12th 1986.

    The killer then had a rather long "cooling off period" - personally, I no longer believe that serial killers have cooling off periods, I believe they kill because quite simply, they want to - because it was not until September the following year, that the bodies of David Knobling, 20, & Robin Edwards, 14, were found in the Ragged island Wildlife Refuge, in Isle of Wight County, near Smithfield, Virginia.  The young girl had her bra used as a ligature upon herself.  They had last been seen on September 19th 1987.  Police discovered David`s vehicle, two days later.  Keys in the ignition, his wallet there, radio on, pointing to the obvious conclusion that they must have been taken to their murder spot by gunpoint.

    The following year, on April 9th 1988, another young couple were reported missing.  Richard Call, 20 & Cassandra Hailey, 18, have never been found.  Their car, a Toyota Celica, was discovered in Colonial Parkway, with clothing inside, including underwear, suggesting that they had been interrupted by the killer.  The last known victims were Daniel Lauer, 21 & Anna Phelps, 18, who were reported missing on September 5th 1989.  It was in October 1989, that their remains were discovered by a hunter, close to Interstate 64, between Richmond & Williamsburg.  This sadistic killer remains at large, with suspicions about the killer being a cop.  This would put any victims at ease because of the uniform & badge.  They would have no idea what was awaiting them.  But then again, it could have been somebody "that did not look the type."  Whatever, he had gotten away with multiple murder.  So far.