Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Springfield Three

This mysterious disappearance of a mother and daughter, and a friend of the daughter, twenty two years on, still baffles Law Enforcement.  The ladies in question were Sherrill Levitt, aged 47 (D.O.B. 1st November 1944), her daughter, Suzanne Streeter, 9th March 1973, and Stacy McCall 23rd April 1974.  The search started for them on June 6th 1992 in the town of Springfield in Missouri.  Only the day before, on the 6th, both Suzie & Stacy had graduated from school, Kickapoo High School.  They were celebrating at a graduation party, then they left.  They were going onto the home of another friend but the house was very crowded, so they decided to go to Suzie`s home.  At one point, they were seen in Battlefield, Missouri.  They reached the home of Suzie`s mother, Sherrill, and that was the last that was seen of them.

    When relatives and friends could not reach them, they alerted the Police.  Meanwhile, these people went over to the home of hairdresser Sherrill to check it out.  When police arrived, they could see no signs of a struggle or violence.  Personal belongings of the women, purses, jewels, cars, clothing, was still there.  It was twelve hours after Stacy was last seen when her concerned parents phoned Police.  From what they were able to piece together, the last time Sherrill was contacted was when she spoke to a friend about a painting job on a chest of drawers.  The time was 11.15pm.

    The plot thickened when a man called Robert Craig Cox, told journalists that the women had been murdered and that their bodies would never be found.  He claimed that he had been in Springfield the night they vanished, and he had been spending the night with his girlfriend.  This brought immediate attention from the Police, in which Cox suddenly changed his story, that he had been at the home of his parents all night.  They confirmed this to Police.  Was this an attempt to bring some notoriety to himself or was it just a sick stunt?  Cox does not have a good record.  he was a kidnapper and robber, and a suspect for a homicide in Florida.  He was convicted of this crime but had it overturned on appeal.

    One suspect emerged in the eyes of some and that was Gerald Carnahan, a Springfield businessman.  He was convicted through DNA evidence of a cold case murder in December 2010.  In 1985, he abducted, raped and murdered 20 year old Jackie Johns in Nixa, Missouri.  He had previously been jailed for two years for the attempted of 18 year old Heather Starkey, and four years for arson and burglary.  He was a free man in 1992, which could put him in the frame for this triple abduction.  However, he is not considered a suspect by the authorities.  They have investigated more than 5000 leads, to no avail.  One tip led to a known user of ground radar, which can locate anomalies in concrete, going over a section of a multi story car park, and locating three anomalies.  He said two are side by side and the other lengthways at the top of the two.  But authorities are not convinced this is enough to justify them digging up the floor of this carpark. The expert who uses this device helped locate bodies after the 911 attacks.  He believes it is three bodies.  Is this where they are?