Friday, 28 February 2014

Unsolved Murder Casebook: Lucy Tinslop

Another unsolved murder to be looked at was that of the "Birthday Girl" in that the unfortunate victim was murdered on her 21st birthday.  This case remains open from August 4th 1969.  A man locked up at the beginning of 1977 for a murder, is thought by many to have been the killer, but there is no evidence to back this up.  Lucy Tinslop had been celebrating her 21st birthday at her parents home in Nottingham, and had left.  Screams were heard coming from St Mary`s Rest Garden in Bath Street.  The sight that greeted people who investigated was ghastly.  Lucy had been raped, strangled, then had her abdomen cut open, and her genital area had been stabbed more than twenty times.

    The big manhunt that followed did not produce the killer, and some years later, a man called Arnold Booth was jailed on 1st January 1977 for life, for the murder of a woman named Renee Howard.  Information on Booth and his crime and his victim is very thin on the ground.  Booth came from the Nottinghamshire town of Sneiton.  Anybody with more information for this post please contact.