Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My Apologies

Hello again dear readers, but unfortunately, for the last three months I have had technical problems, and I am not technically minded.  Thankfully, I am now back online and will take up where I left off.  So what can I start about?  How about the common sense of Law Judges who have kicked in the teeth, those wankers in Strasbourg who are more worried about the rights of the sickest members of society, and obviously do not give two fucks about victims.  They are always forgotten about or ignored by the whining apologists,  Their human rights are being violated!  So fucking what!  They have all violated their victims civil and human rights PERMANENTLY!!!  Let us see what the apologist scumbags will cry about now they will not get a possible chance of greeting their heroes at the prison gates.  Another Bradford man has just been given a whole life sentence after a barbaric murder of a toddler.  The Judge brushed aside all this talk of it`s legality, stating that he was staying inside for the rest of his life.  Three cheers for this Judge.

    The inconsistencies in the Law are ridiculous.  How can you stand up in court and openly admit two serious firearm offences that will give you at least seven years minimum?  That is because, for some strange reason, you are not facing them!  He got away with another serious firearm offence because the person who could point the finger, did not.  The victim was obviously wounded by a stray bullet winding it`s way over from Liverpool or Manchester!  My belief is that there was some Police protection involved somewhere along the line.

    What about drugs?  You know, those substances that do not cause addiction, destroy people, kill people, tear families and communities apart, and cause the utmost unstoppable rise in crime.  Recently, on the Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2, some dickhead claimed that the new crime figures showing a fall, was accurate and the drugs problem is not as bad as in the 1980`s.  The other day, I spoke to a counsellor who deals with drug related problems all the time, and at what this clown said, he just burst out laughing!!  Local Police revealed that the continuing purge against pushers, has seen EIGHTY arrests and imprisonment.  Some fall in the drug problem!  These are just a few thoughts for the time being whilst I get back into the swing of things.  Toodle pip.